[Couple Arguing]. Retrieved May19, 2016. From http://d236bkdxj385sg.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/couple-fight.jpg

Relationships can be complicated but sometimes we make things much more difficult by staying longer than we should. While some can ignore red flags as nothing more than insecurities or communication issues, others have learned to trust their gut and move on swiftly before things get too serious.

Learning your partner is key whether you’re still getting to know one another or have decided to take it to the next level. Being open and honest about what your deal breakers are in the beginning not only decreases most arguments and confrontations, but it also helps you realize what you’re looking for in a partner. Here are five red flags to watch out for when dating.

  1. [Man Begging for Forgiveness]. Retrieved May 19, 2016. From http://cdn.modernghana.com/images/content/beggingguy.jpg
    [Man Begging for Forgiveness]. Retrieved May 19, 2016. From http://cdn.modernghana.com/images/content/beggingguy.jpg
    Rushed relationships– A person who is rushing you to do something may have heaven ulterior motive. Be careful not to agree to things too quickly and think things out clearly before making a decision because it can cost you.
  2. Secretive about past relationships– People who don’t discuss past relationships may have something to hide. While asking questions can open up old wounds, it can also shed light on different issues that may arise in your new relationship.
  3. Lack of communication– Everyone wants to be happy so at some point, arguing and fighting is a bit overrated. Being able to communicate with your partner is a priority–not an option. If you cannot communicate effectively, it may be the wrong relationship for you.
  4. Controlling behavior– Controlling behavior is a clear sign that something is wrong. A person who loves you or want to be with you would never try to control your every move or harm you.
  5. They need reassurance regularly– Constantly reassuring someone that you want them and only them can get old fast. Addressing certain insecurities early while dating may alleviate some of those issues, but sometimes you just can’t change a person’s mind.

Written By: Tamara U. Butler


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