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Image 2: [Couple disagreement]. Retrieved on August 26, 2016. From

Have you ever been head over heels for someone, but it felt one-sided? The vibe you received was similar to a, ‘What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained,’ situation. In reality, all you really wanted was the same love that you gave to be reciprocated. If this sounds familiar, you’re most likely in an emotionally unavailable relationship.

If your partner isn’t up to talking about his or her feelings, they’re probably holding onto hurt from a past relationship. They don’t know how to open up and express their feelings. They can very well be in love with you, but are afraid of being hurt again. There are some things you may spot in advance,  (affection) and others (lack of open communication) you’ll find out later in the relationship.

If you’re looking for a committed relationship, someone in another state, married or still in love with someone else may not be the person to commit to. All of the above are not available. In a relationship, active participation is necessary. You can’t expect someone to make a complete 180 degree turn on the way they’ve been living their lives, if they’re not ready. Don’t push for something that you know will only end in disaster.

Be honest with yourself about your own availability. Are you being closed off about your own feelings? Are you making excuses for spending time together? These are all red flags. You have to make sure you’re ready on all fronts before you can expect an open, honest relationship. Some people are truly emotionally locked and aren’t willing to make the proper changes no matter how amazing their potential partner is. If that is what you’re finding, the choice is on you to move forward and find someone who is readily available.

Written By: Faith Stewart

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