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Do you need to consult with your partner about small things like what color you should wear or how to style your hair? Of course those are natural questions that you’d like your partner’s input on, right? If you’re completely relying on them to help you with your decision making; newsflash, you’re in a dependent relationship.

When you are in a dependent relationship you depend on other people (your partner or friends) for their emotional gratification and the performance of both inconsequential and crucial daily and functions. You want to fuse or merge with your significant other. In your mind “becoming one” with your partner you are able to love yourself by loving them as deeply as you seek their approval.

As a participant in this kind of relationship you are needy, demanding, and submissive. These behaviors are usually guards put up so that your heart is protected. But naturally you’re just hurting yourself in the long run. Being dependent hinders your personal growth. Your vision is clouded because you can’t see the possibility of being self-sufficient and strong all on your own. That’s why you immediately safeguard the “relationship” with your companion or mate upon whom you depend. No matter how badly mistreated, they remain committed.

Knowing your worth and how healthy, loving, safe relationships are supposed to function is key. Start with setting and keeping goals. Goals keeps you accountable for your actions and lack their of. Rewarding yourself for hitting said goals are crucial to keeping your self-esteem high as well. Making the proper choices on who to give your heart to can be tricky, but the right one will come along.

Written By: Faith Stewart

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