Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

Grab your teacups and your shades because the Real Housewives of Atlanta definitely didn’t hold back on part one of their three-part reunion special on Bravo last night.

Although Season 8 of the popular reality show had a lot of changes, including the return of RHOA veteran Sheree Whitfield and the welcoming of new cast member Kim Fields, it didn’t stop the ladies from holding back any tea or shade.

As host Andy Cohen welcomed all the ladies, he asked “Kim, are you ready for your first reunion?” Kim sassily replied, “Are you ready?”

The show opened with a collaboration of clips from “The Shady Bunch” as the ladies were doing what they do best, throwing jabs at each other. Though some of the ladies found the reel to be entertaining, Kenya found Phaedra’s “oatmeal pie face” comment offensive and not funny.

You’re not one to talk cause on your best day and my worst day you wouldn’t even be my third runner up,” Kenya snapped at Phaedra. Ouch!

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

After sharing their pregnancy journey with us, Todd and Kandi officially welcomed their new baby boy, named Ace Wells Tucker, this season, who already has his own Instagram page with more than 100,000 followers. Andy shared a clip of Todd drinking some of Kandi’s breast milk out of a bottle. When the ladies questioned if that’s the only way he’s tasted Kandi’s milk, Andy commented, “Its better from the tap.”

Oh really Andy? Is there something you want to tell us? 🙂 

Speaking of pregnancy, Kenya neither confirmed nor denied if she’s preggers.

The ladies also voiced their opinions on Kim Fields joining the group. Some of the ladies felt Kim was judgmental, condescending and non-engaging. “Overall, I felt like I don’t know if you necessarily fit in with the “group’ because we’re all dealing with confrontation and you don’t deal whatsoever.” Kandi said.

It seems like you were more uncomfortable in the group than judgmental. Like you just never hung out with anyone like us before,” said Cynthia.

The reunion also highlighted the friendship turned foe relationship between Kandi and Phaedra, which took another sour turn when discussing Phaedra’s ex-husband storing belongings at Kandi’s and Todd’s home, which the Feds were seeking to seize.

When Phaedra and I have disagreements on the show, I don’t try to go all the way in. So sometimes I feel like I’m at a disadvantage because I’m like “okay that’s going past the line of friendship.’

We also got to dissect the downward spiral of Kenya and Kim’s relationship.

I don’t miss shade. That’s biting the hand that feeds you. I brought you into this group so you need to understand that,” Kenya stated. She also made it very clear that no matter how notable Ms. Fields is, she is the star of RHOA.

This is my third time working with her. She’s on a stage where I’m a star right now. So if you’re asking where we are right now she’s here coming for my purse and she’s here the lowest man on the totem pole.”

You can watch the full video of part one of the reunion here. Next week, we return to Shady Sunday for part two of the reunion where the ladies discuss Peter’s infidelities, Kenya’s alleged one-eyed African boo and so much more! Be sure to watch it on Bravo at 8/7c.

Written By: Tiffany Hercules


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