The Girls Love Events Weekend 2016 was uplifting, uniting and moving. The panelists’ stories of faith and perseverance was magnetizing. Attendees walked away with a sense of, “I have to be all about my hustle,” dashed with humbleness, and smothered in confidence to embrace their greatness.

If you missed this amazing event or just want a recap of the major keys that were dropped, we have you covered.

The Passion + Purpose = Profit event on Friday night was super inspiring. The panelists, who included Tiara Williams, Monique Rodriguez, Tamika Mallory, Lucinda Cross, Tashera Simmons, Bershan Shaw and Precious Avorkliyah-Evans, encouraged everyone to put themselves first and do what makes them happy.

Either you can be Passionately Poor or you can be Passionately Profitable. When you are Passionately Poor it means that you are passionate about something, and people see your hard work, but you’re not getting paid. Passionately Profitable is when you are dedicated to your passion and do whatever it takes to brand yourself, and turn that into profits.

Each and every person’s passion is organic. Your Passion is created from what you LOVE plus what you’re GREAT at. If you don’t know what your passion is, you need to get out and experiment with different things you like to do. If you try something you thought you liked and it does not work, you get up and try the next thing, and then the next thing and then the next until you have found your passion.

Our vision isn’t always God’s vision,” said Tashida Watson, who is an entrepreneur, director and owner of Grayson Academy.

Self-doubt is what stops us from reaching our calling. Some of us give up before we try enough times.

Don’t get knocked down while sitting down,” said Yandy Smith.

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Following your passion can be difficult, but that’s why you should have a strong support system.

Chief Activator, Lucinda Cross charged the crowd to keep it real with themselves.

Keep a team around you, smarter than you. You got to be in circles. Level up your network,” she said.

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EGL P.U.D. creator and clinical therapist Precious Avorkliyah-Evans gave the diagnosis and the cure when speaking love into Tashera Simmons,  the ex-wife of DMX, reality star and motivational speaker, who shared her story of heartbreak and perseverance: “Where you say there was brokenness there was an awakening.”

The panel also talked about the Balancing Act. It can be tough being a businesswoman, mom, friend, sister, wife…just everything to everyone. The panelist of sister-friends insisted that there will never be enough balance, you just have to do what works for your family.

Precious Avorkliyah-Evans told the audience to learn how to let go of everyone else’s issues: “People dump all that stuff on you, return to sender.

On Saturday morning, it was all about Branding 101.  Speakers included Shante Bacon, Latoya Shambo, Danella Dunham, Courtney Adeleye, Mahisa Dellinger and Yandy.

The important message is to make sure your brand is effective all around. It’s not enough to have glossy Instagram photos, you have to have excellent customer service and products.

Storefront looks shiny but the inside is jacked up. Looks good on Insta, but emails are jacked up,” Bacon said, referring to people who have their priorities mixed up. The entire package has to be on point.

Latoya Shambo told the audience to make sure they save some money for advertising.

Instagram is not going to save your life. I swear to you. You need an advertising budget,” Shambo said.

Boss Moves was such an inspirational event. Every woman on the panel–Monique Rodriquez, Katrina Walker, LaToya Shambo,Tamika Mallory, Lynda Otibu, Yannize Joshua and more–had a diverse background with a completely different story to share, which allowed them to resonate with the diverse group of females in the audience. It ranged from Monique from Mielle Organics who mixed her background in science with her love for beauty, Yandy, who fresh from college, opened the door for herself by taking note of a book the receptionist was reading to Tamika Mallory who dedicated her life to justice soon after the father of her child passed from gun violence.

One of the most touching moments from the event was during the Q&A portion when a young woman, who was once homeless and living in her car, broke down in tears as she thanked Yandy for responding to a DM with words that encourage her to this day.

Mona Scott Young was not on the panel but she did give some tips on making boss moves: “Figure out what that goal is that you want to accomplish, figure out what those steps are, don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done even when you can’t figure it out in that moment. Stay focused, stay committed. There’s always a way out, even if you can’t figure it out then and there, and don’t let anything stop you.”

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Chantae Bacon, CEO and founder 135th street agency and Marketing Strategist, also told women how to make boss moves.

This Journey of Entrepreneurship is totally different from any other hustle..EVER! It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. I am not going to lie to a single person in here and say, oh yeah, follow your dreams and then God will do the rest. No. not at all. He will definitely keep you in the moments where you are no longer strong enough to keep yourself up but it’s going to be a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, not a lot of sleep and if you are the kind of person who wants to make a brand that you can stand behind with pride. You are going to be uncomfortable, going to work hard, going to lose a lot of nights of sleep.”



If you’re willing to take notes, the school of life was in session at the Entertainment 101 panel discussion. Powerhouse Mona Scott-Young honestly wanted to hear what was on the minds of the mostly female audience. She admitted that while she had been highly successful, finding balance can be really difficult. She charged guests to, “Acknowledge when to stop for a minute. You need to regenerate and rejuvenate. Figure out how to operate on a level that’s right for you.”

Host and panelist Yandy Smith was transparent about her stumble into the Entertainment business. As she humorously told her tale of persistence as she went from intern to celebrity manager at Mona’s Violator management. She explained it was no cake walk. She had to learn had to be “a great #2 to become an even better #1!” From carrying Young’s bags for over a year to fetching coffee, she always kept her goal in mind to win in this business. And she expressed  that she never stops knocking no matter what  until she gets a reasonable response.

Rae Holliday wittingly shared his rags to riches, to broke, to highly favored career experience. The repeated theme was to follow you instincts, not the money or security of a career you’re not in love with came forth through in Rae’s message. He had to realize that, “I had to birth my gifts.

Other influential speakers were Tekoa Hash, founding partner of The TEKNIQUE Agency, Arian Simone, founder of Fearless magazine and Laurel DeWitt, who the designer and Founder of Laurel DeWitt Inc., a hand-crafed all metal apparel and accessory brand.

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GLE 2016 was a blast! Be sure to stay tuned for next year’s Girls Hustle Harder weekend!

Written By: Marshay Rice, Tawana Coleman, Sweenie Saint-Vil, Cynthia Casimir


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