Recognizing when a rebound relationship forms is imperative to keeping your feelings in check and prevent hurting the person you’ve become involved with. While many people view it as an excuse to avoid the true heartache you feel from a previous relationship, those who have been in a rebound relationship know it can be quite exciting and revitalizing. But can you create and maintain a healthy relationship from a rebound guy?

Finding love after a bad breakup can be very refreshing! The attention, time invested and emotional fulfillment that comes with finding new love can make you feel brand new and bring feelings of devotion you’ve never felt before. You began to ask yourself a barrage of exciting questions like, “Where has this person been all my life,” and “What can I do to make to make this feeling last forever?”


But like with almost everything in life that brings about joy, there can surely be pain.  Encountering bad times in your new relationship is normal, but when it is a rebound relationship you are taking on more emotions than normal; especially if you haven’t given yourself the proper healing time to overcome your breakup. In reality, you are harboring emotions you have buried from your past that you have not taken the time to address and when situations arise in your new relationship these emotions will come to surface making it a bit more difficult to deal with because you have taken on the responsibility of being someone’s better half.

The beauty of experiencing excitement in a new relationship is healthy. Those who have settled into an emotionless state of thinking they’d never find anyone are the individuals whose happiness will exceed everything they’ve ever imagined! The desire of wanting more and trying to figure out how to keep this feeling alive will began to spark new interest in you and make you want to reciprocate those feelings.

Without a doubt, finding new love is a beautiful thing, but keep in mind that a rebound relationship may require a little bit of extra work!



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