THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Mark Hill/Bravo)

[Photograph] Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. Retrieved on 3/28/16 from
[Photograph] Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. Retrieved on 3/28/16 from
Welcome back ladies & gentleman to #ShadySunday. Are you ready for some more tea and shade? We sure are!

In part two of the reunion, the ladies picked up on the infamous Lake Lanier boat altercation between Porsha and Cynthia. Both of the ladies explained their truth and sides of the story, stating they were both pretty much ‘turnt up’ at the moment and shouldn’t have been in each other’s personal spaces. Host Andy Cohen even asked Sheree her personal take on certain situations, as we flashed back to Sheree’s infamous wig hair pull of Kim Zolciak from Season 3.

“No Andy, it was a wig shift,” Sheree corrected and the ladies laughed.

As always, Kenya interjected on the situation, blaming Porsha on not being able to controlling herself in previous situations, while Porsha, in true southern belle style, began clapping back at Kenya by bringing up that she’s been messing with a ‘one-eyed African’ man, who happens to be married and a preacher! Oh my! *clutches pearls.*

The reunion then switched gears by discussing Kenya’s estranged relationship with her mother and the closure she was seeking that just did not happen. Still hurt and scared of her treatment from her past, Kenya says regardless of how her Aunt Lori felt, she had every right to visit her mother in Detroit:

That is my mother. She made the choice. I understood that if you don’t want a child, you don’t want a child. But it was the treatment that I had a problem with, the fact that you would sit in a room and your child that you gave birth to when you’re an adult at 30, 40, 50 years old and that child is in front of you and you pretend that they’re not there, that’s what I have a problem with and that’s why I had every right to go to her door.”

On another note, Cynthia and Peter seemed to be having trouble in paradise and it was touched upon when Peter joined the ladies; explaining that though they may be in separate cities, things seem to be ‘good.’ However, Andy may have sensed that this may be a deflection from what’s really going on. “I mean, it kind of sounds like you’re separated,” he shares. Porsha then shared her thoughts on Peter’s infidelities and says she feels there’s more information than what’s being said: “It’s all over the internet honey. Walk up to any girl who is 19 years old. Find out how your waitress are getting paid okay. And it’s full of penis.”

Feeling that the show may have caused damaged to their marriage, Andy asked Peter if Cynthia was to walk away from the show, if their marriage would survive and he answered: “I think it would be better.”

The ladies got a very special visit from Phaedra’s adorable son, Aiden, who even got a chance to ask a few fun questions before it was time to go.

And speaking of Phaedra, Andy asked the housewife how the transition has been for her and her children since her recent visit to Apollo in prison. “I mean, I’m glad that’s behind me so everyone can stay out of that and stop asking questions about it, and having opinions about what I should do; when they don’t pay my bills, and they don’t even check on my kids.”

Though it was a general statement, it also sounded like a direct sub toward former close friend Kandi, who has been voicing her opinion on the situation all season.

Finally closing out part two of the reunion, the ladies revisited the infamous Miami debacle between the ladies and Tammy’s nephew Glen. Though most of the ladies felt they did not feel threatened by the men and felt Kenya was to blame for some of the incident, Kandi spoke up and for once, felt Kenya was not wrong in this situation. “I just want ya’ll to understand; at the end of the day Kenya do some crazy stuff, but in this situation, you have to say that dude was saying some crazy stuff, not just about her but about everybody and regardless of whether you like Kenya or not, he should have never aggressively turned around, started throwing up gang signs, calling her kind of b*tches like he was finna do something to her.”

Kandi finished it off by asking the ladies: “Why y’all biting y’all tongues now?”

Next week, we conclude the reunion when alumni housewife Nene Leakes shares her thoughts on this season and when the husbands confront a few issues including Kim’s husband’s sexuality and Phaedra’s final production payment to Todd.

See you next week guys!

Written By: Tiffany Hercules


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