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Product Name: Vie Line Complete Hair Control System

Insert photo: 3 part Vie Line cosmetics .jpg: [] N.D. 3/5/16 from
Insert photo: 3 part Vie Line cosmetics .jpg: [] N.D. 3/5/16 from
Product Overview: This hair control/ removal system comes with three products to be used together. The Face & Body Hair Exfoliator, The Facial Hair Mask, and The Facial Hair Serum. The system claims it will stop hair growth, hair bumps, and beautify your skin. (Available at for $53.97 when purchasing all three items together.)

Insert photo: Vie Line facial hair mask .jpg: [] N.D. 3/5/16 from
Insert photo: Vie Line facial hair mask .jpg: [] N.D. 3/5/16 from
Photo furnished by Shannon Lockhart
Photo furnished by Shannon Lockhart

Face & Body Hair Exfoliator (Step 1) Use once a day

First Five Ingredients: 1.) Brown sugar 2.) Pumpkin seed oil 3.) Turmeric 4.) Grapeseed extract 5.) Purified water

Facial Hair Mask (Step 2) Use as often as desired

First Five Ingredients: 1.) Bentonite Clay – an absorbent aluminum clay  2.) Pumpkin see flour 3.) Garbanzo flour 4.) Turmeric 5.) Licorice root

Facial Hair Serum (Step 3) Use 2-3 times a day

First Five Ingredients: 1.) Vegetable glycerin – A compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen made from vegetable oil 2.) Pumpkin seed oil 3.) Turmeric 4.) Bergamot oil 5.) Licorice extract

Impressions/Reactions: I was really impressed with how soon I saw results. After using it for about two days I noticed the hair was growing in a lot slower. First you wash your face as you normally would and then apply the exfoliator. Honestly, this can get a bit messy. The product immediately turns yellow on anything it touches. I have washed clothes that I still cannot get clean from this product, just a word to the wise. Massage it into your problem areas for about 5 minutes and then let it sit for about 10 – 15 minutes. From there you can apply the clay mask which is optional and then lastly the serum which runs out pretty fast since you need to use it several times a day.

Photo furnished by Shannon Lockhart
Photo furnished by Shannon Lockhart

Do You Recommend It: Yes, I would totally recommend this to any woman battling with unwanted facial hair, it works better than any alternative I’ve ever tried.

Hearts: 3 out 5

Hacks: For best results use every day, if you miss a day or two it’s like starting the process all over again. Also the product works best if you really massage in to the area for at least 5 minutes.

Written by: Shannon Lockhart


  1. I found this article about a month ago when doing a little research about this company. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this! I only purchased the serum and the exfoliator and started seeing results within the first week. I am someone who has had to wax at least twice a week to avoid the stubble. I have not wax once in the last 13 days. This has literally brought me to tears. When I tell you I’ve spent a lot of money on laser hair removal and the vaniqa prescription…I mean well over $3000. Whoever created this you are a Godsend. THANK YOU 🙂

    • Hello Ms Jackson, Thank you so very much for sharing your experience! I too have been experiencing the same issues with waxing stubble about 2 times a week! PLEASE let me know how I can order this system!
      Any assistance you can give me will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

      Thanks again for your time and consideration!!

  2. How long would you have to use this to see permantent results? I’m an 18 year old girl who has hirsutism. It is the most awful thing in the world and really brings down my self confidence. I really want something that brings permantent results. I’ve tried many things so far and have not seen any results. Please help.

  3. l have hear a lot about this vie live facial hair mask is it really permanent yes or no as l got white hair on the face l really hate it or do l have to keep use it to see permanent to stop it all this white hair who can help me who had had this vie live facial hair mask as l am really feb up with all the waxing on the face every day now how much is it were do l get it from is it the strongest l can get or is there stronger ones for me l badly need your help who can help me thankyou.

  4. Vie Line appear to have gone out of business. They’re no longer on Facebook, their domain name ( is up for sale… I made a purchase a few months ago never received it and now have no idea how to get my money back 🙁

  5. This company is scam please please don’t order any products from them. I have ordered from them and they charged my credit card and they never sent me my order. And when I tried to contact the company by email the website was taken down. Please beware!!!!


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