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Product Name: Derma Doctor- Ain’t MisBehaving Cleanser

Product Overview: This active medicated cleanser is a must have and a staple in my house. It’s a non-foaming cleansing milk with AHA/BHA for acne prone skin. Its goal is to clear existing breakouts while preventing new ones. The non-foaming factor means its soap fee so it will help to keep the pH-balance of the skin, which prevents dryness and irritation. This product is available at beauty stores like Sephora or priced at $30.00. The product website is super user friendly and gives off a very professional and feminine tone. (

This is not for those who what to go all natural and none of their products claim to be. Even though they are allergy tested, hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, soap free, oil free, fragrance free, dye free, paraben free, gluten free and not tested on animals.
With active ingredients like: Salicylic Acid(BHA), Glycolic Acid(AHA), Witch Hazel, & Allantoin results is what you can expect for from this cleanser. This brand was created by world-renowned dermatologist Audrey Kunin. Her products are created with the idea that “skin care can be both elegant and powerful, hypoallergenic and multitasking”. – Derma Doctor
First Five Ingredients are: Aqua (Water) – self-explanatory, Glycolic Acid-a chemical formula used to break down oil build up, Sodium Glycolate- another form of Glycolic, Sorbitol- sugar alcohol, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate-breaks up hydrogen bonds in water.
Impression/Reaction: This product has an extremely reasonable price tag of $30, since it normally last me almost three months. I use is sometimes twice a day and apply like a mask. After leaving it to sit for about 3min, I being to clean my skin with either my fingers or my facial brush in a circular motion for about another 3mins. Then rinse off with cool water. This product not only helps keep my skin looking flawless but it cuts down the amount of other products that I need to buy because I does so much. I almost never buy mask, tones or exfoliators since it does all of that for my skin.
Do You Recommend It: YES!!
Heart Scale Rating: 4 Hearts
Written By: Shahara McGee


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