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Product Name: Carol’s Daughters Mimosa Hair Honey: Calming Tension Spray, Clarifying Scalp Treatment & Conditioning Mist

Photo Credit: [Mimosa Hair Honey Protective Styles Trio].(N.D). Retrieved March 18, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [Mimosa Hair Honey Protective Styles Trio].(N.D). Retrieved March 18, 2016 from
Product Overview: The Carols Daughter brand created the “Mimosa Hair Honey” line to cater to women who wear their tresses in protective styles. This line aims to protect and cater to hair even when braided, weaved or twisted. The Clarifying Scalp Treatment aims to leave the scalp refreshed, cleaned and exfoliated without leaving behind residue. The tension spray aims to moisturize, calm and nourish both the scalp and hair. It instantly relieves any itchiness or tension while wearing your favorite protective styles. Lastly, the conditioning spray is a lightweight hair spray that will leave a flawless finish without the greasy look. (Available at $12.00 each or Trio $32.50)

First Five: Calming Spray & Conditioning Mist:

  • (1)Water (Aqua)
  • (2)Polysorbate 20 = Fragrance & Emulsifier
  • (3)PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil= Softening, Soothing & Thicken Agent
  • (4)Glycerin= Lubricating Agent, Moisturizing
  • (5) Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice= Anti Inflammatory & Detoxifying Agent

First Five: Clarifying Scalp Treatment:

  • (1)Water (Aqua)
  • (2)Glycerin= Lubricating Agent, Moisturizing
  • (3)Agave Tequilana Stem Extract= Provides a silicone, matte feel
  • (4)Aminomethyl Propanol = pH balancer
  • (5)Astragalus Gummifier
Gum= Increases thickness & binds products together

Impressions/Reactions: I am a weave and braid lover, who search high and low for products that will condition and maintain my hair while it is braided, this product has won me over! All three products used together left my hair soft, shiny and I could tell that my braided hair was being moisturized. These products will be great for braided styles and sew in weaves only. For $12.00 each, I think this is a great buy because both the high quality of the products, also the amount of product is more than enough. Both the Clarifying Scalp Treatment and the Tension Spray aims to cater to your scalp for itchiness and to soothe overall. I did much research for all three products and I was a bit on the fence when learning that both the Tension Spray & Conditioning Mist contains PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, which is not, in most cases a natural product. Carols Daughters Brand Advertise to be all natural.

Do you recommend it: Yes, great products for protective styles

Heart Rating: 4 Hearts (HIGHLY in love with this)

Written By: Samantha Mack


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