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Located in Hyattsville, Maryland, Amanda Paige, owner of The Humble You Hair Collection, is one of many across the country when it comes to owning a hair company. What makes her company different from all the rest? EGL had a chance to review her Peruvian hair extensions and pick her brain about being a small business owner in the DMV area.


Four bundles of Peruvian body wave hair in 20, 22, 26, 26


The hair was not washed, co-washed or dyed before installation and was used for a full sew-in with partial leave out.

Installation Duration 

3-4 weeks (currently still installed and worn in Miami and during July through birthday festivities).


This hair is very thick and you likely don’t need four bundles of it, even in long lengths, for a full sew in. It also has a coarser texture than Brazilian hair, so if you are looking for a texture that blends more with natural (non-relaxed) hair, than this hair may be a hit for you! The hair also has a very pretty natural curl pattern and gives a beach wave vibe in its natural state.  It’s natural color is also a perfect brown that will blend in well with natural dark-colored hair. When washed and air-dried, the hair is super light and fluffy and looks extremely natural.


The hair is rather dry, and you will need to put oil on it daily to keep it shiny, but please keep in mind that Peruvian hair is not as shiny like Brazilian or Malaysian hair. For this review, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum was used. You will also need to co-wash it weekly to keep it tangle-free and soft, so if you are looking for very low-maintenance hair, The Humble You Collection isn’t for you. This hair also sheds a bit more than preferred, but that may be attributed to the texture and curl pattern of the hair, as well as the lengths reviewed. If you buy this hair, you may want to consider sealing your wefts before installation.

Photo Credit: Chey Parker,
Photo Credit: Chey Parker,


  1. Wash and co-wash your hair before installation and co-wash weekly. However, do not shampoo the hair often, as it will take away any luster and shine from the hair.
  2. Detangle the hair daily.
  3. Use a light anti-frizz and nourishing oil for shine, but nothing too heavy, as it will weigh down the hair.
  4. Wear a bonnet or silk scarf to bed every night.
  5. Consider braiding, twisting or using curlers in your hair every night to define the curls.


Prices range from $75 – $185 per bundle. Bundle deals are available as well.

What Amanda Paige Has to Say … 

EGL: What made you want to get into the hair business? 

Paige: I got into the hair business because I’ve been wearing virgin hair for some time now and I’ve been through the good and the bad. It disgusted me to see people ripping off other people, including myself, so I took it upon myself to do the research and give the customers what they deserve for their money.

EGL: Where do you get your hair? 

Paige: I get my hair from a very exclusive vendor.

EGL: What makes your company different from all of the other hair companies out on the market right now?

Paige:  #TheHumbleYouCollection is different from other virgin hair companies because I took my time to learn about and invest in this business. I only provide great quality and excellent customer service. #TheHumbleYouCollection is for all consumers. We want to reach those people who want affordable virgin hair with great quality.

EGL: Where do you see yourself in one year? Five years?

PaigeIn one year, I see myself with great clientele, branching beyond the DMV area. In five years, I see myself owning my own salon that offers everything from barbering, cosmetology, makeup, lash services and nail services.

Photo Credit: Chey Parker,
Photo Credit: Chey Parker,

EGL: Do you provide any other beauty services?

Paige: Yes, I provide other beauty services such as make up, hair and barbering. I can be contacted via email at

EGL: What’s the best hair care routine to implement when taking care of hair from your company?

Paige: The best hair care for #TheHumbleYouCollection is to co wash it, shampoo and condition it doing a downward motion using lukewarm water. Products I would recommend would be silicon mix products and Cibu products. I would suggest never putting a lot of product in your hair, as it weighs it down just like hair growing from your scalp .

EGL: What’s special about hair from your company?

Paige: #TheHumbleYouCollection is special because I worked diligently to bring a dream to life. I’ve searched high and low for the perfect vendor. My hair is for those HumbleDolls who work everyday and go to school, but still want to look fierce. It’s for those hard working mothers who want to look amazing as well. It’s for people with terminal illnesses. What’s so special about my hair is that it makes your inner fierce come to life.

EGL: What would you tell someone who is interested in getting into the hair business?

Paige: stay positive, stay motivated, and know that there is a prize at the end of the journey and it’s your dreams coming true. It gets hard because those friends and family members that you think are going to support you nine times out of ten, aren’t. They are going to want free stuff and the discounts and tell you your prices are too high. But if u know what your dream is worth, don’t shorten it one bit.

The Humble You Hair Collection has some exciting things in store this year and will be launching new origins and textures soon, as well as full lace wigs.

Keep up with Amanda and The Humble You Collection on Instagram: @phuckinsta____

Interview Done and Written By: Chey Parker, Editor in Chief


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