Traditional dating has always involved the man approaching or pursuing the woman. But it’s no surprise that the dating landscape has changed tremendously. Women are now “shooting their shot” when it comes down to something they want or may have an interest in. Is it really so bad that women now choose to take initiative to go for what catches their eye? Some say men are supposed to be the ones initiating conversation, dating, the whole nine; while some believe that if a woman likes what she sees, why not go for it?

After establishing a poll on Twitter, these were the results:



With 47% of men preferring the traditional way of dating, 53% of men also enjoyed women shooting their shot. One particular guy had an interesting take on the matter, stating: “I’m still shy, LMAO! So I’d fasho have more girls if they shot their shot.” – Richard, 27

Some ladies decided to vote as well just to see what the guys had to say, with some responding with “free game.” For those of you who aren’t aware, free game implies doing what you want, taking that chance at something or someone unclaimed.

Many women see themselves as shooting their shot as a risk because of their fear of rejection. But the men? Some of them really find the act to be sexy and attractive; I mean, for a woman to make a move like that? To them, it’s bold. So, what is the harm in making the first move ladies? Or a better question: how did we become so comfortable making the first move? Could social media be the cause of such comfortability? Social media is one of the main causes of today’s shift in confidence. Whether it’s a DM or simply a comment under a picture, #shootyourshot has officially become the norm. Celebrities are also known to shoot their shot these days, and I’m talking about the women.

Naturi Naughton to Rotimi:


Amina Pankey to Michael B. Jordan:


Tiffany Haddish to Michael B Jordan:


The 53% of men who voted on the Twitter poll are evidence that there’s just something about a woman shooting her shot! Some ladies may ask, “Why not wait for him to approach you?” But the real question, is why not? You might let an opportunity pass you by if you hesitate, so go for what you want! The men have spoken!


“When you shoot your shot, the ball is in YOUR court.”


Written By: Daion Stanford


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