Women have always been viewed as promiscuous when they have too high of a “body count.” But who says there’s really a specific number that is OK or not? Societal norms and expectations are to blame for this. Men are primarily praised for the amount of sexual partners they acquire, presenting a double standard.

Ladies, has a guy ever asked the awkward body count question? Is it something to obsess over, or should what’s done in the past stay there? Does a certain number of bodies have the ability to tarnish your potential relationship?

Here are the results of our Twitter poll on this topic.


Take a look at some of the responses when we asked the question a different way:


“I can’t answer on your page. My job monitors my account. But grand scheme it does matter with the woman you want to marry/procreate with because double standards in society where as a woman it’s frowned upon if you lay with multiple men. Esp how the body count was accumulated. 30 dudes over the course of a college career while dating bf on and off. Is a lot diff than 30 for a 49 yr old female who has been single most of adulthood.”  –Jay, 26

Ultimately, Twitter poll results concluded that a person’s body count does not matter. What exactly is the right amount or normal amount of sexual partners, anyway? While some may believe that a person’s body count is THAT person’s own internal situation, others believe that it does matter.

Why aren’t men held accountable for the same things women do? If a woman slept with every guy she met, she’d automatically be labeled what society calls a thot. But if men sleep with every woman they meet, they’re pretty much presented with honorary degrees, right? We grow up thinking we have to impress others, sometimes forcing us to even shield how many partners we’ve sexually-interacted with. Truth is, if the number of sexual partners actually mattered, men would be labeled the same as women.

Written By: Daion Stanford


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