These past couple of weeks have been hard for our culture. Our lives do matter and yes it is crazy that the hashtag and movement even has to exist. You can be killed at the hands of someone that is supposed to protect you at any moment. It is a haunting feeling that makes you doubt your importance in society. Well, no more doubting and no more hiding. Let’s show the world that we are hella black and hella proud by shopping at these boutiques and online stores.


Rachel Stewart1 Rachel Stewart Collage

Are you looking to rock some accessories that show off your ancestors and all of their greatness? Then you will love shopping at Rachel Stewart Jewelry. We can’t help but love the amazing prints and African inspired accessories. Let’s remind the world that we came from kings and queens and we are also just that, KINGS and QUEENS.


 All Dem’ Shades2 All Dem Shades

We came to slay in all different shades! This website is so lit and so woke that we can’t help but love it. For the next 7 days 25 % of the purchases of their “Stay Woke” and “I Support Black” tees will be donated to Alton Sterling’s and Philando Castile’s families. Please support All Dem’ Shades.


Gloss Rags3 Glosss Rags

Gloss Rags is Randi Gloss’ clothing line and media brand dedicated to honoring the many black men and women who have fell victim to police killings. The brand is also dedicated to showing how the public neglects people of color in remarkable visuals. Randi wants us to remember that we are living in a modern day black Civil Rights Movement.


BU (BlackNUgly)4 BU

Founded in 2011, BlackNUgly was designed to be pro-black and represent both the trials and triumphs of the black culture.

We are raw, bold and uncut while remaining social and politically conscious. All of BU’s designs have a significant meaning behind them; no aesthetic is pointless. We aim to inspire and educate the young kings and queens of today and tomorrow.


Lela and Mosi5 Lela and Mosi

A father and mother teamed up to design a children’s fashion brand featuring the most adorable afro-amazing characters. Lela in Swahili means black beauty and the hope is to inspire little black girls and boys to be proud of their blackness. We know you are shopping for back to school gear for the kids. Why not have your little one decked out in pro-blackness. Train them up! Please shop .


We know there are tons of boutiques and online stores. Let us know some of your favorites in the comments below!

Written by: Joce Blake (Senior Fashion Writer)




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