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Baggy jeans, oversized tees and untied Timberlands went out with the 90’s, but the impression of that once sexy, masculine look will forever remain in our memory. And as we transcend into a new time and era where men’s clothes have gotten a bit snugger and women find themselves purchasing a pair of diamond earrings for their man on Christmas, one can’t help but to wonder if men are losing their masculinity. Let’s take a look at what the older and younger generation of men had to say about this.

[Lil B earrings] Retrieved. September 24, 2017. From:
“Back in my day there wasn’t anything cool about men wearing earrings. As a matter of fact, it was speculated that if a man had his right ear pierced then he was gay,” Mr. Hudson, 73 of Bowie, Maryland recalled. “I remember my father whooping my little brother’s tale when he came home talking about he wanted his ear pierced. I could still hear him hollering at the top of his lungs calling him all kinds of sissy punks as he paddled his rump with the thin tree switch he kept in the closet for the occasion of us getting out of line.”

“It’s the trend and the ‘in’ thing. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s all about fashion and making a statement. Just because a dude wears tight jeans, it doesn’t mean his sexuality should be questioned, nor is it justifiable to question if he still carries the male genes of masculinity,” Omar of Richmond, Virginia said. “I think it’s ignorant to come up with such a perception based off of what someone wears.

Abdul of Stafford, Virginia and Shahid Pannel of Kenya had comical, yet religious, views on the subject. “If you’re following the trends today, then absolutely you’re losing your masculinity! European trends and fashion have an impact on masculinity in America and sooner than later you will find yourself looking like a woman. Unless you’re coming from an African tribe or from the homeland, then as a man you have no reason to have piercings. But if you’re mixing gold with tight jeans and jewelry, then we have a problem. Now days men are getting as much bathroom time as women…if not more.”

Shahid added, “A lot of these men who wear skinny jeans, earrings and have dread-locs are undercover. They are men who really want to be women! They are gay and in the closet. All they’re doing is promoting gayness and making it okay to dress this way. Deep down inside they really want to be women.”

The two brothers also added that the “Hair flip” (men with long hair flipping their tresses to the side or over their shoulder) is also another sign of men wanting to be women. “Men wearing hair barrettes and beads is unacceptable. This is getting out of control. I think they’re starting to become members of the earring exchange program with their significant others. Who’s wearing whose diamond studs today? This has got to stop. What’s next, borrowing each other’s thongs?” Abdul laughed. “But overall from a religious aspect it’s all haram (bad) and an abomination to all religions,” Brother Shahid concluded.

So there you have it! The views are certainly mixed on today’s fashion and what’s deemed as questionable behavior.  And while it is absolutely true that you can’t judge a person’s character, or sexual orientation, based on his clothing, you can see how adopting a more feminine approach to fashion could relay unintended messages. The golden rule says “never judge a book by its cover,” but if we’re honest, we just aren’t that evolved as a society yet.


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