Family Portraits are more than just capturing sweet moments!

NYC Based photographer, Santanah Pinto let EGL into that world as she photographed The Harris Bunch! Marked as her first celebrity photoshoot, Santanah has worked with various photo studios during her career. While she aimed to take away the “Celebrity” from this project, Sanatana wanted to show the true definition of family. Before you take a look at the exclusive photos, go inside the vision with Sanatanah below!

NR: What made you feel like it was important to reach to the Harris Family and highlight them in particular?

SP: Well let me start off by saying that I absolutely love what Yandy represents in terms of the Woman in the community, and the working Mom in New York, and the way that she juggles things. I absolutely adore the Harris Family, so when i worked with her at the previous events that we did together, it was something that I was was interested in doing because I think that their family represents something that society kind of lacks, in terms of the way that they deal with their kids and the love that they have for each other. I just really wanted to capture the essence of that and also something that people can relate to.”

NR: Absolutely! What kind of vision did you want for this photoshoot?

SP: Well for this particular photoshoot, I really wanted the vision or the aim to be more on the kids because thats the number one thing that sticks out to me when I think about their family. Its how they treat their kids, how they interact with them, how I see them in terms of parenting their kids. So I just wanted to portray that love that I see they have in these photos.”

NR: When it came this project, why did you keep the simplistic wardrobe?

SP: “The main reason why I kept it so simple is because I wanted to shoot them as one. I wanted everyone to come as 1.  I didn’t want anyone to stick out more than the other. I wanted to capture everyone together as one unit. “

NR: As a photographer, what makes you feel right about the perfect shot?

SP: “For me personally, my perfect shot is what I see when I’m not behind the camera. How see them act when they’re in front of the camera not noticing that I’m taking the picture. If i see that they’re are a little bit too focused on the camera or they are a little bit too tense, then I know its not the shot. I’ll talk or I’ll say something funny and whatever reaction they have to that, thats my shot, because that portrays who they really are.” 

NR: Last question! How hard is it to work with kids in that setting? Was it difficult?

SP: “Well I wouldn’t say the word is ‘Difficult’, it definitely takes patience. For me, its something I like to do, I work with kids 24/7. Its just something I’m use to and you just have the patience and work with them. Thats why I like candids, because with candids, you can just capture kids in their natural state, instead of trying to pressure them to be a certain way, which is almost nearly impossible for younger kids.”

NR: Is there anything else that you would like to share about the shoot?

SP: “Not necessarily about the photoshoot, but about them in general. Its a difference with looking in from the outside and actually interacting with them behind the scenes. Exactly what you see with them interact in the pictures and in videos is exactly the way they are behind. When I see her behind the scenes, she’s just a regular mom. She’s just a regular person like myself, I do have a 6 year old, its just something that I especially can connect to. That makes me adore her even more as a working mom, that she actually handles her kids herself and the effort that she puts into it is just as much as any other dedicated mother.” 

We wish Santanah the best luck with her future endeavors! 

Here are your first look the latest Harris Family Photoshoot! 

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Written By: Novia Rose, Associate Entertainment Editor 


  1. Yandy has a beautiful family. I admire her for her strength…she’s all about family and seeing that her family is well provided for and taken care of. It’s so unfortunate that her husband will spend eight years in prison…but he made the choices he did…so now he has to pay the consequences for his bad decisions. Yandy also knew what she was getting into. I pray that God will continue to bless Yandy with the physical and mental strength she needs to carry on and raise those kids alone without her husband’s help. Everything happens goe a reason. Be encouraged Yandy and just know…God is with you and is allowing you to go through this test…that you might be a ‘TESTIMONY’ for others. If God allows you to go through something as difficult as what you are facing…He has a Masterplan @ the end of the tribulation. God bless!


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