Phaedra Park's Instagram via @phaedraparks, retrieved 8-5-16
Phaedra Park’s Instagram via @phaedraparks, retrieved 8-5-16

Last week, Atlanta rapper Drama, who’s real name is Terrence Cook, was arrested for terrorist threats. Real House Wives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks, has come to her former client’s defense.

According to TMZ, Phaedra knew Drama was stopping by her downtown Atlanta office,  however, he just took the elevator to the wrong floor. When the receptionist asked Drama to leave, he refused. From there security was called.

Drama’s mother spoke with TMZ and said her son told security, “I have a bomb CD. It’s about to blow up and “I got that bomb ass CD in the car.

Drama  thought he was just having a conversation about music, but soon after that, the police were called. Once the police arrived the whole building was evacuated.

A SWAT team, the Department of Homeland Security, and police dogs came and swept the surrounding areas, as well as searched Drama and his vehicle for bombs, but according to authorities, no explosives were found.

Phaedra opened up to TMZ and said she feels as though law enforcement was racially profiling Drama because he was wearing a white t-shirt, baggy pants and had gold teeth.

Drama has been charged with making terrorist threats and creating a false public alarm and is being held without bail.

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Written By: Marshay Rice


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