Stephon Clark, the 22-year-old black man who was killed by Sacramento police officers in his backyard, recently caught media attention for a different reason. Some of Clark’s tweets from three years ago have resurfaced, showing how he blatantly expressed his disdain for black women.




Some tweets also mentioned why he chose to have children with an Asian woman. Does Clarke still deserve the support of black women and Black Lives Matter members despite his inflammatory tweets? Check out what these EGL readers had to say.


“We can’t single out the fact that he was murdered based off of his personal preference in women. Let’s focus on the real situation at hand. This man was killed by those who take an oath to protect and serve the community!” -Corey Dunhill, 37

“As a human being the events that took place are a tragedy, but as a black woman hearing a black man say that he didn’t want to date with his race is hurtful. Because he put all black women in one box. At the end of the day, children loss their father and woman lost her spouse. I’m saddened by everything that occurred. No one wins in this case!” -Angel Kennedy, 27


Stephon Clark with his wife and children.,


“One thing has nothing to do with the other. People need to respect others decisions and understand that it shouldn’t hold any bearing on their lives. His preference has nothing to do with his murder. Wrong is wrong. If he chose to date outside his race, so what! He is one in many who have made negative comments about a certain race.”  -Lois Sayyid, 59

“He is a human being. He shouldn’t have been killed, period. And why are people worried about who chose to have children with? I think there is a bigger issue here and people are losing focus on what the real issue is.” – Amirrah Sayyid, 26

“To each his own. I used to deal with white women. Can’t nobody tell me was a black man who I can reproduce with. God bless his soul, but what he said is not right. You should never put down a black woman.” -Hue Ankrah, 38

“By no means. One thing has nothing to do with the other. People make comments all of the time. Nobody deserves to have their life taken away. It’s him and million that feel that way.” -Shelly Bolling, 54


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