You wait all week for Friday and before you can be happy about it, it disappears as quickly as it came. Next thing you know you’re back in the office feeling even more tired and irritated than usual. For parents, this may be especially stressful because the days run into each other and while others look forward to the ends of their workdays, parents work time really begins at 5. The pressures in trying to balance can be hard. Here are two major tips on getting organized for the week ahead:

Organize Your Clothes

Tired of shouting at your kids in the morning to get dressed while you’re trying to do the same? A good solution is to pick out outfits for the entire week, iron and hang them up. Sounds crazy? It’s not. How much time do we take looking for something to wear? Selecting clothing in advance cuts down time. The biggest choice you will then have to make is in wearing what outfit on what day. Sort through accessories and if you really want to have it together, lay them out and photograph them. This is a nifty exercise some use when traveling so why not make it a part of everyday life?

Practice Food Prepping

Food prepping is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself. Not only will this abort binging or eating the wrong thing, the best part of the deal is that you save time! Start at the grocery store. Think about the meals you will be preparing for the week, including snacks. On the weekend make meals and if necessary, freeze them. The night before take dinner down, make lunches and prep for breakfast. Scones, breakfast muffins, cookies and homemade granola are all grab and go ideas that can be made in advance. If you don’t wish to eat leftovers, at least have an idea of what you willl be cooking so that you’re not in the dark with ideas. You can also still allow for days when you want takeout.

Clothing and food are things we can’t do without, so we treat them with importance. Once we get a grip on them, time is available for the most important of all things, spending quality time with the children. Involve your children in this process and they will see where the time is shifted, onto them.


Written by: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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