Photo Credit: [untitled photo of child]. (N.D.) Retrieved March 2, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [untitled photo of child]. (N.D.) Retrieved March 2, 2016 from
You are walking the mall with your child and they spot a new toy in the display window. You tell them you cannot buy the toy. What is their likely reaction to your response? A complete meltdown? Or a temper tantrum? Both! Kids of a certain age (especially preschoolers) require attention and firm discipline. Before they reach the public’s eye, it is necessary to prep and groom them on appropriate behavior and subsequent consequences if the behavior becomes erratic, disrespectful and beyond control in public places.

Kids always seem to act out in public, and this leaves you looking like a parent who cannot manage your kids. Here are ways to help you combat the tantrums and the public side eyes.

  1. Set parameters at home before going into the public’s domain. Kids are like sponges. They absorb and soak up everything around them. They need to be groomed and well trained. Help them to understand that “home rules” are applicable to in-public rules. If the rules are broken, there are consequences. For every wrong action, there is a consequence. Provide examples so they can have a better understanding of why it is important to display proper behavior. Map out the scene and give vivid examples. Kids absorb content better when and it’s shown and told to them.
  2. Certain behaviors are learned behaviors. As mentioned, kids soak in and act out behaviors they see. It could be behaviors they picked up from a fellow classmate or a maybe a movie. If they see another child acting out in a playground because they don’t want to take turns riding the seesaw, your child may think it is okay to do the same if he’s ever in that situation. To combat this, teach them the power of sharing, why it is important and provide visible examples. Use flash cards and act out emotions for the “nice” words and the “mean” words, so they can develop a sense of how those words can affect someone’s feelings.
  3. Prepare for public appearances and child boredom. It has been proven that preschoolers need attention for they become very bored and start to act out. Parents don’t set yourself up for the embarrassment. For example, bring things like coloring books and educational gadgets to keep your child entertained

These tips will be helpful in controlling the tantrums in public with proper training. It’s training day folks! Let’s put our combat boots on and get to it!

Written by: Veronica Green, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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