[Couple standing on a wall]. Retrieved April 4, 2016. Fromhttp://www.womansday.com/relationships/dating-marriage/advice/g1260/marriage-problems/?slide=1

Ok, you and Bae are going through it; really going through it. Aside from feeling hurt, angry, and confused, you also feel like you are all alone. You may not know how to get past the bump in the road (yet), but find comfort in knowing there is not one, single problem you will encounter in your marriage that someone else hasn’t already conquered. Here are 5 common hardships that couples see during the journey to happily ever after.

  1. When Your Money Is Funny

The stress associated with finances can rain on any parade. Money has no bearing on how much you love your spouse. Discuss finances openly and honestly and find a workable solution. Both of you should understand that sacrifices are yours to make.

  1. Moving

It is not uncommon for families to move across state or even the country. There are a myriad of reasons why, including ailing parents and job relocation. Spend less time complaining about the move and more time feeling out your new community. Join a church, join a gym; but, find things you love about your new city’s digs.

[Couple in bed]. Retrieved April 4, 2016. From http://laurieshear.com/marriage-problems/
[Couple in bed]. Retrieved April 4, 2016. From http://laurieshear.com/marriage-problems/
  1. Sickness

Through sickness and health takes on a whole new meaning when you or your honey actually get sick. Bae didn’t purposely put you in the position to have to physically take care of them and neither did you. Pray for strength and find a willing spirit to get you through the tough time.

  1. Disinterest

It is so easy to fall into a routine that encourages relationship boredom. Bae didn’t fall in love with you by just looking at you. Just like you put in work before, you have to keep making an effort to spend time together, complement each other, encourage each other and surprise each other.

  1. Cheating

Emotional or physical, when you aren’t getting what you need at home, it’s natural to look elsewhere. Being intentional with your attention, priorities and resources will keep your focus where it should be. Communicate your needs and wants to Bae and work together to keep the butterflies fluttering.

Begin today working to repair the rift between you and Bae, no matter who is ‘at fault.’ Marriage is certainly not easy, but going through the trials are what will make you a stronger, more loving couple.


Written by: Carla DuPont Huger



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