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In the quest for the perfect summer body, sauna suits and steam rooms are now the latest trend for crash dieters in search of a quick fix that doesn’t involve exercise. The term “Cooking” has become a dangerous trend involving the use of intense heat and steam to simply sweat your way to a thinner body.  While it may seem like a bunch of hot air, the effects are life threatening and too hot to handle. Below you will find a few tips on a hot trick with cold consequences.

You can damage your heart and suffer a heart attack. If you endure blasts of heat for long periods of time, you may become nauseas, dizzy, faint or lose focus because your body is overheating. Overheating can lead to a rapid heartbeat and possibly cardiac arrest.

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Any weight loss is simply temporary. Weight loss from extreme heating is simply a myth and more importantly, it’s dangerous. When you lose weight through proper dieting and exercise, our levels of water (throughout our body) adjust with our new-found weight. If you attempt to lose weight by steaming, you are cutting the water without cutting the muscle, which can cause damage to your organs and muscle cramps.

You can disrupt your body’s natural cooling system. Let’s pretend your body is an air conditioner. If you block the air from going in or out, your A/C will eventually shut down or spark and your body will definitely power down. Every time you hit the gym for a workout, your body releases sweat (in the form of water), which evaporates. If you wear a sauna suit or sit in the steam room for more than 20-25 minutes, you can stop the sweat from evaporating which can cause severe dehydration to every inch of your body and every major organ (your heart, lung, brain, kidneys and liver), which thrive on your daily water intake.

It’s not worth the risk. An abundance of steam is the equivalent of starving yourself. As with any form of exercise or spa treatment, a small amount in moderation is a benefit and overdoing it can be dangerous.

Written By: Latoya Hoyte

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