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(image courtesy of The Sports Fan Journal).
(image courtesy of The Sports Fan Journal).

It’s that time of year again! Super Bowl Time! In Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 game the Carolina Panthers and their dabbing quarterback, Cam Newton, will face the Denver Broncos. Now it’s no secret that the game and the commercials are highly entertaining, but nothing compares to the main event—the halftime performance. In the midst of the final face off between the top NFL teams in the nation, there’s always an amazing performance by one of the top entertainers in music. As we prepare for Sunday’s game and halftime performance, we’re going to count down the Top 5 most memorable Super Bowl halftime performances.

Michael Jackson (1993)

What better way to start this countdown than with the king himself? During 1993’s Super Bowl, The King of Pop turned up the game as he performed a melody of his hits including, “Jam,” “Black and White,” “Billie Jean,” “We Are the World,” and concluded with “Heal The World.” 3,500 children got the honor to share this experience with MJ.

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake (2004)

Let’s be honest! Before this unforgettable Super Bowl halftime performance, did you really know what a “nip slip” was? As two of pop music’s most infamous artists shared the halftime stage, Justin Timberlake accidentally invited Janet Jackson’s breast to share the moment with them. The incident happened the last few moments of the show, completely overshadowing the bomb-ass performance they put on. Bet you didn’t remember that Janet joined the stage with P.Diddy, Nelly, and Kid Rock. If you actually know the names of the songs that they performed comment. You won’t win anything but it’ll be quite impressive.

Prince (2007)

The poster boy for Erotic performances, Prince, took the stage with his guitar and completely sent the audience into a frenzy as he performed his classics “1999,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Proud Mary,” and “Along the Watchtower.” He topped his performance off with an amazing explosive rendition of his hit, “Purple Rain.” Just reading this makes you want to pull a lighter out and wave it in the air doesn’t it? Unfortunately, Prince removed all of his work, including this performance from the internet.

Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers (2014)

For 2014’s Super Bowl 48, Bruno Mars was a risky choice as many questioned whether he had enough music in his catalog to fulfill the position. Bruno and his band took the stage dressed like a remix of the Temptations and Five Heart Beats as he opened the show with a long winded drum-solo. In the middle of the performance, Bruno brought out the Red Hot Chili Peppers to turn the show up a notch. . . or three. Closing out with his hit single, “Just the Way You Are.”

Katy Perry & Missy Elliot (2015)

Katy delivered a very unique and brilliant halftime performance for last year’s Super Bowl 49. The girl had dancing palm trees and sharks for crying out loud. Let’s go back to that exact day. You’re sitting on the couch watching the performance thinking, “Okay Ms. Perry!” when all of a sudden you see a silhouette and begin to hear, “Get Ur Freak On.” Your heart begins to race and warm tears fill your eyes as you jump off of the couch and scream, “MISSY MOTHERF&*% ELLIOT.” YUP! Missy Elliot delivered her first mainstream performance in YEARS! It takes a lot of confidence to share the stage with someone, but to share your Super Bowl halftime performance with Missy Elliot goes beyond measures. Katy Perry really did it on us with that one!

Beyonce (2013)

We know we said we were only naming 5 but it’s Beyonce for performance sakes! As we prepare for her Super Bowl 50 halftime performance this Sunday, let’s take a look at her first one only 3 short years ago.  During 2013’s Super Bowl 47 performance, Queen Bey opened her halftime performance with her silhouette being immersed into flames then there she appeared, out of a cloud of smoke, singing “Love on Top” and “Crazy in Love.” She took us back to her girl group days as she reunited with Kelly and Michelle as they performed their hit Destiny Child’s songs. Beyonce definitely gave us an experience!

As we gear up for Sunday’s performance, what are some ideas that you think Beyonce will have in store for us?

Written By: ThatValerieGirl


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