It’s not every day we hear rappers letting out their emotions or showing their soft side in their music, but when it comes to their Mother’s, even rappers can bring us close to tears. R&B artists are usually singing about love and life, but in this playlist we get to hear a little something different. With Mother’s Day being right around the corner, we put together a playlist of emotion-felt Hip Hop and R&B  tributes to Mama.

“Mama” – The Dream

On The Dream’s 2007 album Love/Hate he wrote and produced a song dedicated to his deceased mother, simply called “Mama.” It’s hard to finish this song with dry eyes after listening to The Dream sing to his mother as he wishes he could have her back.

“Look What You’ve Done” – Drake

Yes, we know that Drake ALWAYS has us in our feelings, but on this track, Mr. Champagne Papi doesn’t have us wanting to go back to our ex or even fall in love with that new guy. On “Look What You’ve Done,” Drake shares past experiences with his mother and expresses how they had good times and bad times, but through it all, his mother made him into the man he is today. Instead of calling your ex, this song just makes you want to call up your momma and say “thank you.”

“Dance” – Nas

We all know Nas is one tough guy, but when he longs for one more dance with his mother who passed away, his heart is definitely on his sleeve. Be prepared as you listen to this track, it is definitely a tearjerker.

“Mother” – Ashanti

The beautiful R&B singer Ashanti created a heartfelt song called “Mother” to let her mom know how grateful she was for her. Ashanti definitely feels for her mother just how most of the world feels about theirs.

“Hey Mama” – Kanye West

In 2005, Kanye released “Hey Mama,” a song which he wrote to his mom, thanking her for always putting him first, and working hard to be able to take care of him. The song was written two years before West’s mother died in 2008. Yeezy performed “Hey Mama” at the 2008 Grammy’s, which still is one of the most emotional moments the award show has seen.

“Dear Mama” – Tupac

Although Tupac was a thug, there was a definitely a sensitive side to him. This side brought out songs like “Dear Mama” an Ode to his mother Afeni, who passed about earlier this year.

“A Song for Mama” Boyz 2 Men

Boyz II Men created the unofficial Mother’s Day anthem when they performed the Babyface-produced song “A Song for Mama.” The song was originally written for the “Soul Food” soundtrack, but has arguably became the most popular R&B ode to mothers.

Make sure you keep a box of tissues by your side as you listen to our Mother’s Day Playlist with your Mama.

Comment below and let us know your favorite jam you would dedicate to your mom.

Written By: Marshay Rice


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