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Oshun Fertility ensures reproductive health and primarily is celebrated by Blacks and Latinos. The name “Oshun” derived from people of Nigeria is known commonly as the goddess of fresh waters, rivers, lakes, streams, and brooks. Founded by Helen and Marcus Stephens in 2015, the Oshun Fertility is the first egg donation and surrogacy agency for Blacks and Latinos. This agency operates by giving options to build their family. It has goals to put an end to the stigma of being infertile by helping families to conceive healthy brown and black babies.

Infertility is indeed a disease that affects many people, and many families. Even in the black community this is still taboo and something that is not discussed. The use of fertility clinics, freezing eggs, and surrogacy are subjects that still cause an uncomfortable silence and a shift in the seats. There is an estimate of 6.7 million of women with the inability to get pregnant or carry to term, and 1.5 million married women who are diagnosed infertile, according to the Center of Disease of Control.

“At Oshun Fertility, we know there are many people of African and Latino descent who are struggling with infertility issues,” says Helen Stephens. “We want them to know there are options. They don’t have to suffer alone.” Helen Stephens has an extensive background of medical and healthcare experience, being a trained microbiologist and working in the infertility field as a researcher and even a recruiter. Oshun Fertility is making moves and showing initiative by providing factual information on reproductive health, and giving options to overcome this disease. Be sure to visit their site and check out their informative ways to get on the journey of family building.

Written by: Joyrina Hunter, Associate Editor, Modern Domestic


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