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Do you want to be happy every day? Do you desire to live a life full of happiness, but do not think it is attainable? Happiness is the primary desire of a lot of people, and yet we believe that external motivators such as family, finances, and our career will satisfy us. On my journey to find happiness, I have come to realize true happiness stems from inner consciousness helping to promote happiness. Happiness is an emotion you choose. Research has shown that 40% of happiness comes from intentional activities. Happiness is a habit we can all attain.

Here are steps we can consciously take every day to become happier individuals:

  1. SMILE –Smiling allows your facial expressions to have power over your mood.
    TIP:  Smiles are free! Try to smile at least 5 times a day.
  2. BE GRATEFUL- The primary goal of gratitude is to live in the now. We must be grateful for the things we currently possess, because if we focus on the past or the future we will miss our blessings.
    TIP:  In the morning before you get out of the bed take a couple of minutes to list all the things you are thankful for in your life. Purchase a notebook and it make it your gratitude book. In the book you should write down things that you accomplished throughout the day that you are grateful for.
  3. EXERCISE – Exercising not only benefits your physical health it is very much responsible for your emotional health.
    TIP: Exercise 30 minutes a day
  4. ACTS OF KINDNESS- It’s true that a simple act of kindness will benefit the giver just as much as it will help the receiver. Doing things for others will raise your happiness level.
    TIP: Every day try to help one new person.
  5. PURPOSE- Studies show lack of purpose is the leading feeling of unhappiness. Many of us sacrifice our happiness for things we like, or for misconceived feelings of inadequacy. We need to feel we have a greater purpose in this world to feel a higher level of happiness.Tip: Grab a piece of paper and write down all of the things giving you a greater sense of purpose, and start living your best self. Live every day feeding your purpose and your life will blossom.

Written by Shantae Kemp

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  1. This article by Shantae Kemp is inlightening. I have been adjusting and incorporating these steps for so time now in my life’s journey and these steps work. I’m an inspirational writer and speaker of wholeness regrouping of the spirit,mind and body. My motto is Do and Be your Best daily and God will Handle all the Rest. Mrs. Shawanda Jones -Velez


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