It’s the day before your trip and you’ve already got everything packed. Whether you’re traveling near or far, for business or for pleasure, it is always important to make sure your luggage adheres to the airlines policies. Questions you begin to ask yourself are: How can I avoid having to check my bag? How do I know if my bag is over the airline’s weight limit? How do I know if my suitcase can be considered a carry on? Don’t worry; if any of these questions are going through your head, we Maddies, have you covered. It can be frustrating to get to the airport and have to pay a bunch of unnecessary fees. Here are several ways you can avoid this hassle:

  1. Check the airline’s policies. Most airlines have policies on their website. You can find out how much your luggage should weigh. You can also find out what size your luggage should be if you want to carry it on the plane.
  1. Pack light. To avoid paying fees for overweight luggage, pack lighter by only packing the essentials. Do you really need that many emergency outfits or shoes? If you are one of those individuals who over packs keep in mind certain airlines can and will charge you if your luggage isn’t under the weight limit.
  1. Eat. Before traveling or in-between flights some airlines offer food for purchase in flight (not including snacks & drinks that are served). There is also a charge for any alcoholic beverage served.

These quick tips will be helpful when traveling by any airline and providing an affordable trip. Safe Travels!

Written by: Sydney C. Hawkins, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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