Sandra Musujusu. [Photograph]. Retrieved via on 7/14/2017

Sandra Musujusu. [Photograph]. Retrieved via on 7/14/2017
Let’s take the time to discuss this significant amount of #BlackGirlMagic incorporated into this one phenomenal story. Nigerian student Sandra Musujusu, who currently attends the African University of Science and Technology, has recently developed a treatment for breast cancer.

The groundbreaking discovery just may be the solution to ending an epidemic that has plagued millions of lives around the world.

Musujusu’s research involves using macro molecular science (study of polymers; in essence, concentration of atoms), which is pertinent to the treatment that may be available to women in the future. Her research also specifically lasers in on triple negative breast cancer; the type that is most commonly found in the descent of African ancestry.

The Sierra Leonean native is continuing to conduct her research under the funding and sponsorship of the Pan Institute of Materials (PAMI).

Sandra’s life-changing efforts are beyond commendable and her scientific magic will touch the world like none other. Hats off to this brilliant young lady!

Written By: Kisha Forde


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