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Rae Sremmurd’s number one hit “Black Beatles” has blazed up the charts recently (partly due to the Mannequin Challenge, of course). Now, Nicki Minaj put her “Black Barbie” spin on it and topped things off! If you’re a rap fan, the “Black Beatles” remix is a must hear.

Before the remix, the chart topper had already become a hit. Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” has already been streamed over 55 million times to date! The song is responsible for an additional 19,000 Twitter followers and counting for the duo. As if the song needed any more fame, right?

Prior to the “Black Beatles” remix, Nicki Minaj hasn’t dropped any new music lately so the fans seem to absolutely love it. The raw talent doesn’t come as a surprise. The superstar is also known to put a nice spin on a record that usually results in a hot remix. Hot enough to have Twitter going crazy:




She blesses the beat nicely, even mentioning the new President-elect, Donald Trump. Who else could mention Donald Trump in a rap song and make it flow?

Listen for yourself:

Written By: Plychette Montgomery




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