Nicki and Meek [Photograph]. Getty Images
retrieved via instagram @nickiminaj for G2
retrieved via Instagram @nickiminaj for G2

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been pretty quiet lately, but the two are still going strong. In fact, they are going so strong that they made the step to move in together. The couple is back on the West Coast and sealed the deal for a huge mansion in Beverly Hills. Sources say that the couple is dropping 30k a month to live in the 11,500 square feet home. But don’t you worry; they are getting their money’s worth with nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a parking garage to fit a total of 5 cars.

Nicki and Meek reportedly had plans to purchase property in Cali a while back, but plans were cut short due to Meek’s run in with the law resulting in house arrest. For now, they are moving slowly with a lease; however, sources say that Nicki will be the only one signing. Rumor has it; the home has a large lawn, outdoor pool, barbecue area and huge room to entertain plenty of guests.

Congratulations on this huge step!

Written by Rahkiya Brown


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