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It’s that time of year to get rid of those old clothes and items, and make room for new ones. It’s also a great time to get those last minute donations in for a tax cut. For those who look forward to receiving a tax refund, be sure you receive a receipt for every donation made for tax purposes.donation-box

A lot of people have useful tools, laying around that are unused. Well if you don’t like organizing garage sales, or throwing things away. It would be ideal for you to donate to none profit organizations, or sell your gently used items to a consignment store. Most nonprofit centers will even pick up your old items and give you a receipt so that you don’t have to leave your door step.

Selling your items to a consignment store can be very profitable. Most consignment stores will give you a percentage of your item if it sells in their store. Selling your old items is a big money maker. After all, it may be old to you but new to others. Someone may be searching for that same item that you have, sitting on your closet floor, and would love to purchase your gently used item! If you have smaller children, who have out grown their clothes, or old books, there’s also a place for you to buy, sale, or trade those items. These places are great to shop because they have great bargains, and carry a variety of things that you may need at a lower cost.

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Be sure when selling your gently used items, that they are clean and free of dirt and stains. You want to get the most for your money, so be sure to sale the cleanest items that are still in good shape for usage. Most people buy around the season and for the season coming up. Gathering old things together isn’t something everyone enjoy doing, but it can be rewarding. If you’re not sure what to sale. You can call around to see what business needs what, that way you have an idea, of what you have to offer and who to offer it to. Now get to packing and making some change.

Written by: Amesha Patterson


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