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[feminist sign]. Retrieved April 28, 2016. From: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/10522448/9-male-feminists-of-2013.html
The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have equal rights and no double standards. Well, at least for feminists, it is. This means equal pay, laws for domestic violence, rape, and divorce cases, etc. The feminist movement of the ’60s focused on this type of liberalism, but is it the same with new age feminist? With celebrities like Beyoncé and Amber Rose leading the pack, there are more and more women jumping on board with the movement, but they may not fully know what it is to be a feminist.

Some people, mostly men, are viewing this wave of feminism as obnoxious, and it’s not just because of Amber Rose’s brand of feminism she’s promoting. So ladies, before you join the movement, you may want to think about how it may affect your dating life. Keep reading to see what we found out about why men can’t stand modern-day feminists.

  1. New feminists don’t want equality, and it’s irritating. They believe that men and women are the same, except when women are better.
  2. They’re confused. They want to be equal to men, but want to choose when to receive equal treatment. For instance, if a man hits a woman all of a sudden they’re now NOT equal, men should know better, and should face harsher punishment when hitting a woman. Huh?
  3. They’re not ladylike. They aren’t soft and fragile nor submissive. They’ve lost womanly qualities.
  4. They have no morals. They use the word “feminist” as an excuse to be slutty.
  5. They’re not dateable. They think all men are dogs and just want sex, and this mentality ruins the date.

“It seems that now feminists are focused on ending slut-shaming and labels stemming from societal double standards, giving the movement an, ‘Anything men can do, women can do better,’ feel. That ain’t equality.” – Ryan, 40, Chicago.

Well the men have spoken, and they’ve made some solid points. It sucks that the women who participate in something that empowers them could be taking a chance on ever finding their soulmate.

Ladies, how do you feel about men’s opinions on feminism?

Written By: Kahina Ray


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