[Untitled image of male figure attracting woman figure with magnet]. Retrieved February 24th, 2016, from: http://cdn1.theodysseyonline.com/files/2015/11/30/635844638576846498-1545051321_opposites.png

Image 1: [Untitled image of man and woman sitting on yin yang hearts]. Retrieved February 24th, 2016, from: http://www.drmichaelbroder.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Opposites_attract-504x321.jpg
Image 1: [Untitled image of man and woman sitting on yin yang hearts]. Retrieved February 24th, 2016, from: http://www.drmichaelbroder.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Opposites_attract-504×321.jpg
Remember the Disney movie Frozen when Princess Anna met Prince Hans and the connection was so bomb?! They had so much in common; had the same upbringing in royalty, shared common interests,  they even finished each others…sandwiches (cute, right?) Well, we all know that Princess Anna married the ice harvester Kristoff, whom she had very little in common with, but she still fell in love with him. If we look for similarities when we’re looking for love, how does one fall in love with someone who is their opposite? Can you really be in love and build a relationship with someone who you share more differences with than similarities? If you’re answering this question by screaming no at the top of your lungs, keep reading below to find the top ten reasons why opposites actually do attract.

  1. Because Disney said so – Disney is the KING of finding true love and happily ever afters, and in almost every Disney story, the loving pair are opposites. It makes you wonder how much truth there is to his fiction. Perhaps Disney was trying to tell us something about love that we could be missing.
  2. It’s scientifically proven – In magnetism, two magnets will be attracted by their opposite poles. Well, who’s to say that our hearts aren’t magnets? Sometimes two hearts are attracted by their opposites as well.
  3. Conversations are stimulating – You’re differences can cause friendly debates and passionate conversations. Both of you will be eager to express your opinions as well as hear what the other has to say.
  4. There’s lots of learning – You’ll be surprised what you can learn from someone who is completely different from you. The best couples are the ones that can teach and learn from each other.
  5. Forever curious – Who doesn’t want to feel intrigued or fascinated by their partner? Your differences will keep things interesting and never boring.
  6. Genetics – Are you familiar with that awkward moment when someone asks you out that can pass for your brother or sister? Sometimes we subconsciously look for someone that is the exact opposite of our own genetic make up; skinny men want thicker women, brunette women want blonde men, etc. It’s in our blood to want opposite.
  7. Admiration – You see how outgoing a person is and wish you were like that, or you admire how disciplined someone is and wish you had those qualities. Admiration alone is enough to attract anyone to their opposite.
  8. Experiences – They are the best teachers. You get to experience a whole new world with someone different, especially if you have different backgrounds. The contrast between the two of you will make it that much more exciting.
  9. Selflessness – Unless you’re an extreme narcissist, most people don’t want to fall in love with someone that is…them. As fun as it may sound, no one wants to marry themselves, so we’re drawn to someone who is the complete opposite.
  10. Compensation – It’s always good when you have someone that picks up where you lack. You’re terrible with saving? No problem, you’re partner will handle finances. He’s a mediocre cook? No biggie, you’re Chef curry with the pot. We attract to people that may compensate for things we’re not the best at, and vice versa.

When it comes to love, it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and go for something different. Your prince charming might be that weirdo right around the corner, so don’t miss out because you’re scared he’s too different!

Written By: Kahina Ray


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