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Remember the days when it was a man’s job to provide shelter, food, etc. for the woman? Well, the tables seem to have turned as some men now look to women for security. What has caused this change, and how are women responding to this? Keep reading to find out the cause and effects of this role switch.

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Statistically, women have been on the rise! Women are the leading group in higher education graduates, entrepreneurship/small business owners, and have the highest credit scores when compared to men. Rodney, 34, from Illinois stated, “Yeah, women are definitely stepping up. They seem to have it all together before men do.” That is what’s really causing men to seek shelter from women. They want a woman that has it all together because they don’t, and they fear that they probably never will.

Now these men are coming off as perfect gentlemen, and they’re willing to jump into a relationship quickly because you have something that they need: a place to stay and food on the table. They may seem nice, but ladies, beware of the shelter-seeker! These men have more than likely always lived with a woman, and they will definitely be looking for you to take care of them. Ashley, 27, from Illinois, stated that, “I’m not taking care of a grown man, I’m nobody’s mother. If he’s living with me then he’s bringing something to the table as well.”

Rian, 35, from Illinois, agreed with Ashley stating, “It’s kind of hard to tell when a man is just seeking something from you or if he’s being genuine, but if you pay attention to his background, and whether or not he knows how to survive on his own, you can find out his intentions. I see so many young women taking these dudes in when a man is supposed to provide. It’s kind of sad.”

Ladies, take your time when dealing with a man who’s not on your level or doesn’t have anything for himself– especially if he doesn’t have his own place! Even though he may be offering you a relationship, make sure it’s because he wants to be with you and not because of what you have.

By: Kahina Ray


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