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“If you got it flaunt it,” said the Queen Bey herself. Some women drop a sexy photo on Instagram or Facebook every week, some every day. It doesn’t matter why the women are doing it, men are going to have their comments and opinions about women posting sexy pictures on social media. Do men drool when their woman is sexy for the “gram” or do they despise it? Well, we asked a few men, 10 to be exact, about how they would feel if their lady posted sexy pics on social media. Keep reading below to see the results of what these men have to say.

Half of the guys were ages 22-26, and their opinions all led to the fact that they really don’t mind.

Mark, 26, from New York, stated, “I don’t mind if my woman is being sexy, it makes me feel like I can stunt on other guys like, ‘dang I know you see her, that’s all mine!’ I love bragging about having a sexy lady.” Walter, 23, from Illinois, stated, “I don’t like the the whole booty in the mirror/booty shorts thing, but as far as her posting a pic in a sexy outfit with her booty seen in it, I don’t mind that. She can’t help that her body is banging.”

The other five guys, ages 27-30, all seemed to have the common belief that a respectful woman in a relationship shouldn’t post overly sexy pics on social media. “No woman of mine is showing anything more than maybe a lil cleavage, you know the low-cut blouses that women like nowadays, but as far as the panty and bra thing, that’s a no for me dawg.” – Bryan, 30, Illinois.

There you have it, younger men don’t mind while older men aren’t putting up with it. Obviously, it’s an age thing, but one thing both groups agreed on is that, “If she’s responding to other guys’ comments on the pics, that’s enough to make me end things.” Ouch. Ladies if you love your body and you like to be sexy on your social media accounts, you might want to date guys in their mid 20’s. If that age is way too young for you, maybe you can dim the lighting, just a tad bit, on your sexy pics so all your fabulous lady lumps won’t show as much.

Written By: Kahina Ray



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