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Over a year ago, VH1 reported that their highly anticipated series Hit the Floor will be coming to an end after their summer 2016 special. VH1’s hit series was arguably, hands down, the best original scripted show to date. The cancellation of the series sent shock waves through their fan base at the time. The natural outcry was huge; especially since Hit The Floor ended on a cliffhanger.  Well, dry your eyes— because BET heard us loud and clear.

BET has officially picked up the series, and is currently airing all the old episodes for their audience to catch up and be prepared for what’s to come in season four. Creator James LaRosa took to social media in a statement to share his excitement with officially teaming up with BET Network:

 “Thank you Devils Nation for fighting tooth and nail and thong and hashtag for #HitTheFloor. Thank you @vh1, without whom there would be no HTF. And thank you @bet for believing in #HitTheFloor and committing to it so balls to wall. Devils Nation is bigger than ever y`all. And it’s about to go off. RISE UP.”

James also revealed history in the making for the hit show: the writers staff will feature all women.

“Hit the Floor S4 writers room starts tomorrow and I am pumpedddd omgggggggg,” he tweeted along with the image of a keyboard key with the word, “Yaaassssss” on it.

He then added,

“Stoked to say the entire writing staff for #HitTheFloor S4 will be female. They came, they saw, they slayed.”

However, in season four, they will be shaking things up a bit with adding new faces to the squad, and only bringing back major cast members as feature guests, periodically throughout the season. If you noticed since the cancellation of the show, a few of our favorite cast members took on huge projects. Robert Riley is gearing up for The CW’s Dynasty reboot, McKinley Freeman is on Daytime Divas and Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse, and Logan Browning is starring in Netflix’s Dear White People. A source close to the renewed series reports Rob, McKinley, and Logan will only be back as guest stars due to contract disclosure with their current projects.  As for the rest of the cast members, there’s no word yet if they will be back or not. We hope to see Taylour Paige return as lead character Ahsha Hayes.

Production will reportedly start back up will begin this September, so grab your snacks and tune into BET to watch Devil Nation take over.

Written By: Ashley Nicole

Instagram: x__anicole


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