Retrieved via Instagram @kehlani on 1-12-16
Retrieved via Instagram @kehlani on 1-12-16

Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard, 23 year old Kyrie Irving, just announced via Instagram that him, and 20-year-old Americas Got Talent finalist and singer Kehlani are now dating.

There have been rumors swirling around for a while about the lovebirds dating; with both showing clues on Instagram. Up until now, it’s been a mystery, since they were reportedly changing Instagram captions and deleting photos. But now, it looks like they’re ready to show off their love to the world.

Kyrie posted a photo of the two with the caption: “Nothing really matters when I’m with you…and that’s when I knew I had someone special.”

kyrieKehlani reposted the photo adding her own caption, stating: “And that’s why you’re a king. You’ve shown me so much in so little time.. lost faith in alotta things, but lots have been restored. All smiles witchuuuuuu. Corny asssss ?❤️? #HMBTH @kyrieirving.”

Irving was in a relationship last year with Andrea Wilson, who was a former Texas beauty queen. The two were pretty serious, and even had a baby girl together back in November. Although he isn’t with Andrea anymore, Irving has reportedly made the commitment to stay in their child’s life.

Irving and Kehlani look so happy together. We can’t wait to see more photos of the hot new couple!

Written By: Adia Taylor




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