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Back in 2014 a woman from Korea uploaded a video on to her Facebook page of a woman using a nail art machine. The video has since been shared over 600 thousand times! The nail art machine looks very futuristic, it has a touch screen where the machine allows you to pick the design you want on your nails. The machine is also capable of reading the size of your nail bed so that the design fits perfectly. To give you an idea of the process, when the lady placed her finger in the machine it almost looked like a printer going over her finger from right to left. Check out the video that went viral back in 2014 below.

Since then, this new technological craze has blown up overseas. Nowadays it is not uncommon to find a nail art machine in a nail salon overseas. A new company in Finland has capitalized off of this nail art machine craze and created a nail kiosk that you can find all over Finland, like you find a Red box in the US. The company is called Fingernails2go. You simply choose from tons of different nail art designs, pay and let the machine go to town!

: [youtube} N.D. 1/9/16 from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB9B72eLM6679_rnPdClh_g
: [youtube} N.D. 1/9/16 from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB9B72eLM6679_rnPdClh_g

This brings me to my final thought, which is, why don’t we have these machines in the U.S.? If these machines ever do make a debut in the U.S. would you ladies use them? We’d love to hear your feedback on this, so let us know what you think down below in the comment section.
By: Shannon Lockhart


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