Though growing up apple cider vinegar was not a constant presence in our pantry, I find I cannot live without it. It can be used to clean your home, improve your health, beauty and hygiene, and on food. Below I will list 10 different ways you can use this vinegar to change your life.


  1. Cleaner-  As a cleaner in your home it’s beneficial because it kills more bacteria than white vinegar.


  1. Weight Loss- Studies show that apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss. Drinking ACV with water or by itself helps you to feel full and therefore force you to eat less.
  1. Diabetes Prevention- There is a correlation between apple cider vinegar and low blood sugar. The AVV helps to stabilize the anti-glycemic level because of the acid in the vinegar.
  1. Detox- Apple cider vinegar detoxes your body by detoxifying the liver. The acid in ACV can also bind toxins which can assist in removing unhealthy toxins from the body. It also removes mucus from the body and help you to fight a cold. Not only does it remove mucus from your body it also clear your sinuses. Mix two teaspoons of vinegar with an 8 ounce glass of water and drink it when you want to detox or feel a cold coming.
  1. Sore Throat- The bacteria in your throat is easily killed by apple cider vinegar. Therefore, gargle with warm water and ACV every hour so the bacteria can go away.
  1. Energy Booster- Apple cider vinegar is a natural energy booster. The potassium and enzymes in the ACV allows you to have more energy.


  1. Facial Toner/ Cleaner-  The properties in the apple cider vinegar help to clean your face. The vinegar balance out the skin’s ph. level. It also helps with acne on the skin.
  1. Fade Bruises/ Discoloration- It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and clear up discoloration and the appearance of bruises.
  1. Deodorant-Natural deodorants are the new thing, and I am totally hooked. Many deodorants are harmful because they are filled with cancer causing toxins. Apply ACV under your arms and let it dry.


  1. Salad-Mix ACV, olive oil, and your favorite spices together for a healthy salad dressing.

Written By: Shantae Kemp

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