Wake Up

A year and a half after my family was relocated 24 driving hours away from our home state, family and friends, I’ve gained over 30 pounds, have found myself experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath, low energy, and overall feeling like crap. At 30 years old, a wife, mother of two, and a woman full of passion and dreams, I have unexpectedly landed in a place of health concerns.

Just like many women, it all happened so quickly and kind of crept up on me. Yes, I noticed my clothes fitting differently, I saw changes in my reflection in the mirror and I knew I didn’t feel like myself but I honestly, didn’t realize how serious it could be. However, after several doctor visits, the awareness of the alarming risk of heart disease and the increased discomfort while engaging in physical activities with my sons, I knew I had to make the final decision to make some lifestyle changes.

Choosing Life

In order to go after and achieve all that I desire for myself and for my family, I need to be at my best. Looking at my two boys, extremely active and athletic, wanting mom to run with them, and play basketball, needing mom to take care of them, and expecting those extra little things that makes our relationship special, there was no doubt that I needed to choose life.

Facing the fact that this is a matter of making such a choice was hard and very emotional. I had to stop dwelling so much on how I got here but focus on what I’m going to do to fix it. It’s too easy as a mom to neglect yourself while you’re taking care of everyone and everything else. That’s exactly where my journey starts. There is no reason to feel guilty for taking some time to take care of me, because in the end when we can take care of ourselves and feel good, then we’re better for everyone around us.

My family has recently transitioned to a plant-based pescatarian lifestyle and I’ve used that, in addition to setting aside “me time”, as my jump-start. Surprisingly that was an easy change. The toughest commitment has been an exercise schedule. Yet, I am determined and will keep pressing forward until it all becomes a habit I never want to break, my healthy lifestyle.

While my journey to a healthier me is really just beginning, the point is, it’s beginning, My husband and sons need me and I’m going to do everything I can to be right here, actively experiencing life with them. The best part is I don’t have to do it alone because they’re cheering me on. My family is my “why”.

By Tinita Tennant, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic





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