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You can know that your friend’s partner is no good and can see it with your own eyes, but to have your friend receive and actually act on this information is a different story. It probably kills you knowing how much their partner is getting away with. Being an onlooker in this relationship can be tough, but you want to be careful when providing your input.

As a friend, it is only normal for you to want to express your concerns about the relationship. Those things that you see as doing more harm than good should definitely be mentioned, but when your friend doesn’t seem too accepting of what you’re telling her, you might want to slow down on the details. The things that are most important are the things you want to share. You never want your friend to feel like you’re constantly bringing up issues in an attempt to ruin what she feels, in her heart, is a good thing.

Knowing when to step away is key. When delivering information somehow begins to cause issues between the two of you, it is time to remove yourself from the relationship, completely. You must trust that whatever it is your friend’s partner is doing will eventually show. All you have to worry about is being that support system when your friend really needs you.

Being in love can really be blinding. Even visual proof might be questioned by the person involved. You don’t lose friend points for stepping back when it’s appropriate. Being able to step up when needed is more important than traveling alongside her on her own love journey.

 Written By: Essence Mason


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