Getting waxed is a very common beauty regimen that isn’t discussed as openly as a hair or nail appointment. I recently found out LOTS of women get waxed regularly. I had absolutely no clue. What rock have I been under?

I had been contemplating getting a wax for a few weeks and had finally decided to give it a try. Conveniently, one of my close friends had just applied for a position as a wax technician and was in need of a live model. Here was my chance!

For her working interview she needed to wax my legs (up to the knee), my underarms, and my bikini area.

Having my legs waxed was a breeze. I felt no pain whatsoever. She then moved on to my underarms. The arms were not painless, however it still didn’t hurt. There was only a slight discomfort.

Finally it was time for the bikini area, which was actually an experience all on its own. For my bikini wax I was very exposed. I’m very thankful it was my best friend waxing me, and that I knew the owner, since my goodies were literally front and center. I honestly felt like I was at an OBGYN appointment lol.

Now I’m going to be real with you, it definitely hurts as bad as you imagine that it does. As she removed the strip I literally jumped and a sound even escaped from my lips. Fortunately, it was after hours and no one else was there.

All in all, I think my first waxing experience was pleasant. I love my smooth, hairless legs and underarms. I would definitely have those areas done again. I’m sure I will also have my bikini area done again. Even though it hurt, it isn’t excruciating pain. It reminds me of a piercing. It hurts like crazy for a few seconds, and then the pain subsides. I had no redness or irritation afterwards, which I would get using a razor sometimes. In the long run it seems worth the pain and the money.

Of course, do your own research before making the decision to get waxed. Make sure you are going to a professional. My friend is a licensed cosmetologist, but not a licensed esthetician. Although she is familiar with waxing, she is not a full-blown pro. That can make a difference in your experience. Also, check out the salon you plan to go to. Check out their website, schedule a consultation, and read online reviews!

By: Leslie B.


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