I’d kissed a girl, and I’d liked it. But that was as far as I had gone…….until

I was 21. I had a friend who rode a motorcycle. One day, he invited me to ride with him and a bunch of his friends. There were about 10 men riding and one other woman. She was beautiful, quiet and intriguing. I asked about her later that evening. Apparently, she’d asked about me as well. She was over a decade older than me, but that didn’t matter at the time.

Fast forward past a couple of dates and lots of getting to know each other. I’m a “go with the flow” type of girl. So one evening, after a date, we’re in her car. When she crosses state lines from New York to New Jersey, I didn’t ask too many questions.

We end up at a hotel. When we walk up to the front desk, it’s apparent that the room is already booked. We head upstairs and at this point, I don’t know WHAT to expect. So I’m following her, most likely looking as lost as I feel. We get to the room. I’m internally hyperventilating. When we walk in, I look around and I’m caught completely off guard. There’s a jacuzzi filled to the brim with bubbles. A bottle of Moët is on ice on the dresser. There is a layout of sex toys on the night stand that would make any freak proud or any 21-year-old, new to the girl on girl scene, scared.




She told me to sit down. She took off my shoes and undressed me completely. She told me to get in the jacuzzi and she bathed me. The water was burning hot and as I sat in this water being sponged down like a baby, I’m thinking that I need to get out soon because I’m beginning to feel faint. She towel dried me and had fuzzy slippers for me to wear that I didn’t make much use of because I’m led to the bed. I’m pretty sure that I’ve checked out at this point and am having an out-of-body experience.

She instructs me to lie down and close my eyes. I do. I hear what sounds like packages being opened. There is lots of movement and sounds I can’t place. She’s standing on the side of the bed and she begins to use a vibrator to tease me. She eventually straddles me and begins to kiss me. Her kisses travel from one set of my lips to the other. I am lying mostly still for fear of doing the wrong thing. I am enjoying everything but unable to allow myself to be fully immersed in the moment because I’m still baffled that any of this is happening. She tells me to open my eyes. I do. My eyes quickly come to rest on what I was hearing not too long ago. Those sounds were the unfamiliar sounds of a strap being put on. A large, fake penis is attached to her waist.

She penetrates me and uses one of the vibrators at the same time. I climax. I take a moment to gather myself and take in everything, no pun intended. I find the energy to stand and walk to the bathroom. As I turn on the light in the bathroom, I realized we weren’t alone in the room. I scream at the sight of a man sitting on the side of the tub. It’s the friend who introduced us, who I found out, a few dates in, is her long-term partner. I run back to the bed and throw myself on it to come down from the mini heart attack she just caused….

How much can a girl take her first time? Seems like it would have ended there, right? It didn’t. Just wait for part two.



Written By: Ayana Conry

Follow Ayana on Instagram: @mzyanibaby



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