So where were we…?

I’d just had my first full blown girl-on-girl encounter, complete with sex toys and a hotel room decked-out with a jacuzzi and Moët on ice. I’d walked into the bathroom after I’d finished to find her long-term partner sitting on the edge of the bathtub. With everything that was going on, I hadn’t heard him come in the room. I later learned he had a key because he was the one who’d came ahead of time to set the room up.

I ran back to the bed and threw myself on it. I didn’t know he was there, I hadn’t even known I was going to be in this hotel with her, so I definitely wasn’t expecting him. I was naked considering everything that had just happened. I covered up and he came over to the bed laughing about how scared I’d been. She pretended to be surprised, acting like she also had NO idea that he was coming. I was young– not dumb. This had obviously been the plan all along. Issa setup.

I probably should have gotten up and left. I didn’t. I was in Jersey. I really had no idea where in Jersey I was or how I would get back. Besides, I was more annoyed that they were trying to insult my intelligence than anything else.

The details are foggy in my memory this many years later but one way or another, we all end up in the bed. I’m sure they had a full-blown threesome with all the bells and whistles in mind, but it wasn’t happening. I’d had enough firsts for one night; or so I thought.  We did end up indulging in a little three-way play. I can admit that it was probably more awkward than enjoyable with me being new to all the things happening. I’d been feeling like I was watching this unfold as opposed to being a part of it, the out-of-body experience continued…


They were lightly pushing me to tongue-kiss her kitty, if you get my drift. She’s lying down; I pretend to want to put my mouth on this woman’s kitty cat. I’m half-ass licking but while I’m doing that, ol’boy is using a toy on me. I get away with acting distracted enough by him to stop pretending to go down on her. The positions change a few times. He’s giving her back shots while she eats me. She and I are kissing while he pleases her. At some point they’re both pleasing me, which was not enjoyable as one might assume. I barely touched him. He was lucky to even be in the room considering they tried to pull a fast one on me! We carried on like that a while longer and then ended up falling asleep.

In the morning, she had a bra and panties waiting for me, which was all a little creepy because it all fit perfectly, and I don’t even know how she knew my sizes! So, I was leaving this room with a new pair of slippers, fuzzy robe, bra and panty set, lesbian v-card revoked, and a whole almost-threesome. That was the last time I saw them both (until running into them a few years later). I couldn’t quite pinpoint what they were trying to do but something was fishy. Sometimes you have to gracefully bow out. And that’s exactly what I did.


Written by: Ayana Conry

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