Future’s Instagram @future, retrieved 8-11-16
Future’s Instagram @future, retrieved 8-11-16

Rapper Future has hit a lot of bumps since the demise of his relationship with singer Ciara and now facing the threat of G.O.O.D music rapper Desiigner taking his spot as he sounds so eerily like the ATL rapper.

To make sure nobody takes his spot, Future has teamed up with MTV and release a mini documentary following his life on the road, with his children and working in the studio on new music.

The father of four is looking to maintain his top spot and continue riding on the wave of his highly successful collaborative album with Drake, along with staying at the forefront with his growing endorsements, as well as being Epic Records top lyricist.

Here some highlights from the documentary:

On romance:

Artificial love is like Kool-Aid. It’s water, and then you pour something in it and it turn different colors. Pure love is authentic, organic. I love you for your soul, I love you for the person that you are, I love you for your conversations and nothing else. I love the moments nobody know about. Not the moments when we taking pictures that show up on the ‘Gram. ‘Oh, they look so happy! They look cute! They slayed!’ I don’t want that love. It’s cool to do that, but that’s not the love that’s gonna stick with me forever. I want the love that I can never forget.”

On fatherhood:

They know my music, but they don’t understand it. My daughter don’t understand what’s ‘Dirty Sprite.’ My oldest son, I sense that he has an idea of what it is, but he never seen me do it. They hear the stories about me smoking, but they never seen me smoke. People always think that I’m just doing this in front of my kids. But I want them to have a totally different life from me. I want for them to make their own decisions.”

On his competition:

I am the wave. Surfers got 40-foot waves. People get caught in the wave. They try to ride the wave and end up dying. They get lost in the water…You could ride the wave, but you not gonna be the wave. I am the wave.”

Take a look at the full documentary below:

Written By: Jnelle Belle


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