Photo Credit: [untitled photo of baby in box]. (N.D.) Retrieved June 22, 2016 from

Photo Credit: [untitled photo of child with boxes]. (N.D.) Retrieved June 22, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [untitled photo of child with boxes]. (N.D.) Retrieved June 22, 2016 from
Change is hard and moving can be traumatic. If you try moving and adding kids to the equation then stress levels instantly go through the roof! If you’re planning to relocate with kids, we have compiled tips to help ensure your transition is seamless and fun!

  1. Host a Moving Party

The date until the big move is looming. Emotions are racing, tensions are high and the task to pack things into boxes is imminent. To help ease tensions, pick up some moving supplies, blast your favorite tunes and let the dance party begin. This can be a fun family event to start the moving process or it can be hosted at the end of the process with friends to make your send off one to remember.

  1. Personalize Moving Supplies

Involve your kids in the moving process by allowing each child to personalize their belongings by choosing their own duct tape and markers. Once items are packed, let them decorate the boxes from their room with markers and stickers. Having activities and crafts will make the transition easier and more fun for your kids.

  1. Plan a New Bedroom

When moving you can shift the negative thoughts of a new home by building the excitement for a new room. It won’t take much to build excitement for a new bedroom. Whether it be a new configuration of furniture, a new paint color or something as small as new sheets, allow your kids to have input into their new space. Ask your little one what they would like to have in their new room and find a way within your budget to make it happen.

  1. Learn More About the New Area

Research the area you’re moving to – the schools, the fun things to do, the weather, etc. Tell your children the information over dinner and build their anticipation of the best aspects of their new home.

  1. Make it a Road Trip

Load up the car and make your journey to your new home as a family vacation. Take a little longer sightseeing, visiting family and making memories on the way. On the way make sure you visit major cities, amusement parks, monuments and other memorable places. Get a road trip memory kit that comes complete with a journal, a disposable camera, and supplies to draw. You can make it fun by having each child build an awesome scrapbook of the adventure. To add to the adventure, create a family hashtag to share your experience on social media with family.

Take this challenge as an opportunity to teach your children to accept change as a positive and inevitable part of life. Choose to make this experience a great one. Find creative ways to focus on the fresh start and use the time to grow closer as a family. Remind them that home isn’t found within a building or location; home is found in the love of family!

Written by: Tabitha Keese, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic, Founder of Shipwrecked on Fabulous Island Blog



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