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Mo’Nique served a Mother’s Day special during her stand-up comedy show at the Apollo Theater. The stand-up comedian turned actress had a few things to get off her chest and that’s exactly what she did.

The actress decided to address why she was allegedly “blackballed” by Hollywood.

“No, I was not blackballed. I was whiteballed……. Thank you, Mr. Lee Daniels. Thank you, Mr. Tyler Perry. Thank you, Ms. Oprah Winfrey,” Mo’Nique told her audience at the Apollo Theater on Saturday night, referring to the way she was treating by Hollywood after winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the Movie Precious.

The actress has not had a major role in Hollywood since. Prior to her role in Almost Christmas, Mo’Nique only managed to take on small roles in television. The Academy Award winner expected bigger roles, more money and respect within the Hollywood community but the opposite happened. The actress feels that Daniels, Oprah and Tyler Perry were contributing factors to her diminishing Hollywood career.

Daniels, director of Precious stated in his 2015 interview with Don Lemon.

“During the [Oscar] campaign, she was making unreasonable demands, and I remember thinking ‘this is when reverse racism happens.’ You have to thank the producers of the film, you have to thank the studio, and she didn’t understand that. People aren’t going to respond well.”  

He continued:

“I love her, I’ve spoken to her. She’s brilliant, and I love working with brilliant people. Sometimes artists get in their own way — I know I certainly do often, I have my own demons. I think that there were demands that were made on the Precious campaign that everyone knows hurt her. I told her that. You’ve gotta play ball. This is not just show — it is show business.”

Obviously that fire was never put out between the two and there’s some issues worth addressing. Why Oprah and Tyler Perry? Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey were affiliated with the productions and promotion of the film Precious, so maybe Mo’Nique feels the two are equally to blame for Hollywood shutting her out.

This is definitely not the way to get back into Hollywood’s good grace but Mo’Nique stands by her comments and has stated to TMZ that she is unapologetic regarding them.

Enough said!

Written By:  Plychette Thomas


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