Winnie Harlow's Instagram @winnieharlow. retrieved 4-28-16
Winnie Harlow’s Instagram @winnieharlow. retrieved 4-28-16

International supermodel Winnie Harlow was recently spotted in Beyoncé’s raved about new project Lemonade. The socialite was displayed in a cameo shot which showcased a few very influential black women in today’s generation.

The 21-year-old model landed an outstanding opportunity to be featured in a cameo segment for the exclusive new visual album for the hit track “Freedom.”  The fashion model shares with interviewers how she almost missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

Harlow expresses to W Magazine:

“I was actually contacted by Beyoncé’s team a couple weeks prior but my agent at the time didn’t get back to them because they wouldn’t tell us much about the project.” 

Luckily the young socialite received a call from Beyoncé’s team directly and was asked to fly out to New Orleans where they began to shoot on a private plantation. In the cameo, Winnie holds a portrait of her great grandfather in a scene alongside the mothers of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner as they displayed photographs of their sons;  all young black men that were shot and murdered by police officers.

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Once her segment was complete,  the young star got to meet Beyoncé and her mother Tina Knowles personally.

“I wanted to thank her for acknowledging me as a strong black woman uplifting, and continuing to empower us all.” 

You can check out Ms. Winnie Harlow and other phenomenal African American women spotted in Lemonade by signing up for Tidal. Trust us when we say this project is just as refreshing as its title!

Written By: Chante’ Hall 


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