2015 has been full of love and lust in the entertainment industry and Everything Girls Love is here to bring you five celebrity duos that would be a sight to see under the mistletoe.

Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez / Getty
Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Yo Gotti & Angela Simmons: It was made clear that Yo Gotti has a major crush on Angela Simmons in his newest single “Down in the DM.” The message must have reached Angela in a positive light because the two were spotted at an event recently and he also sent her roses to wish her well on her accomplishments. In the song, Gotti raps, “I got a crush on Angela (Simmons). They like damn Gotti, you bold. F**k it I’m a let the world know. GOALS.” We guess it’s true what they say, you have to speak things into existence.

Blac Chyna and Future. "Rich Sex" video screenshot.
Blac Chyna and Future. “Rich Sex” video screenshot.

Blac Chyna & Future: If these two were to meet under the mistletoe it wouldn’t have anything on the way they met in Future’s ‘Rich Sex’ video. A few months ago, it was rumored that the two were dating. The rumors escalated as Blac Chyna appeared with a tattoo of Future’s name on her hand. All of the speculations begin to make sense when Future dropped the sexy and steamy ‘Rich Sex’ video starring none other than Blac Chyna. It would definitely be sexy to see these two under the mistletoe.

retrieved via instagram @travisscott on 12-24-15.
retrieved via instagram @travisscott on 12-24-15.

Rihanna and Travis Scott: This is one interesting pair! Rihanna and Travis Scott have been spotted together a lot recently, from going to events together to supporting each other at shows. There hasn’t been any confirmation on whether the two are actually dating or not, but they are certainly fond of each other as there have been pictures of them snuggled up together on the dance floor on more than one occasion. Rihanna and Travis Scott may actually be the most creative to meet under the mistletoe.

retrieved via instagram @ayeshacurry on 12-24-15.
retrieved via instagram @ayeshacurry on 12-24-15.

Ayesha & Steph Curry: One of the newest most admirable couples on the block is the Currys. Steph and Ayesha Curry became a sensation in 2015 with the major accomplishment of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors as they became the 2015 NBA Champions. During that time, Steph and his family quickly became loved! The couple has two daughters together. The oldest, Riley, has a personality out of this world. If you follow these lovebirds on social media, you’d see why we’d love to see them meet under the mistletoe. Uber Cuteness!

Photo Credit: Keke Palmer's Snapchat
Photo Credit: Keke Palmer’s Snapchat

Cassie & Keke Palmer: YES! You read it right! Keke Palmer and Cassie. These two recently met under the Snapchat mistletoe as they shared a kiss on Keke Palmer’s snapchat. The reason behind the kiss was revealed in Keke Palmer’s recent visual to her single, ‘I Don’t Belong to You.’ Keke left her male partner and met up with her girl boo, Cassie. In recent interviews, Keke Palmer says that she would rather not be labeled as anything, which doesn’t confirm is she’s interested in men, women, or both. It’s also been rumored that Cassie and her mogul man, Diddy, have split. In that case, it’s very well possible for the two to meet under the mistletoe.

Well there you have it, the 2015 Mistletoe Shuffle list! Let us know who you would like to see smooch under the mistletoe!

Written By: Valerie Charnett


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