Miguel [Photograph]. Retrieved via http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/12/miguel-surprise-songs-wild-hollywood-dreams-coffee on 2-24-16.
retrieved via instagram @miguel on 2-24-16.
retrieved via instagram @miguel on 2-24-16.

Do you remember your middle school talent show? A couple students singing off key, that one awkward person who tried to juggle and of course the student with stage fright. But how many of you have had your favorite artist show up and perform? Not many of us can say we have, but the students of Dana Middle School will definitely be able to speak on this one!

Grammy nominated musician Miguel caught wind that there would be a talent show hosted at his old middle school in Los Angeles, and couldn’t help but to turn this show into one that the students would never forget. With his confidence and energy at an all time high from recently paying homage to the late Michael Jackson at this year’s Grammys, and proposing to super model girlfriend Nazanin Mandi, the musician couldn’t help but to spread his good vibes.

When the songwriter took the stage at the middle school talent show, hundreds of students, parents, and faculty could not believe their eyes as the singer performed his hit single, “Adorn.” Students screamed of joy and excitement as Miguel sung his heart out to them.

Visited my old middle school for this year’s talent show tonight crazy, I always loved the smell of the auditorium and it was exactly how I remember it. Huge shout to all the students, parents, family friends and staff. Loved every moment  #danamiddleschool #wildheart.”-Miguel expressed via Instagram

Though the star didn’t win first place at the show, he still managed to put a smile on hundreds of faces creating memories for them that will last a lifetime.

Written By: Chante’ Hall


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